“Calling the IIM Indore Faculty good is an Understatement” – Says Our IPBA Learners!

The world is most definitely changing. Numbers and data which were once considered complex for everyone and friends only for a few have found new patrons from across industries and various educational backgrounds trying their luck in wooing these numbers to own a successful career. 

Here is the story of one such marketing professional service expert – Anand – with over 18 years of experience, who decided to join our illustrious Integrated Program in Business Analytics, in collaboration with IIM Indore to accelerate his career opportunities.  

Speaking about the same and elaborating on why he decided to join our course, Anand says, “The world is changing today. Everything is dependent on data. So, I decided it was good to get a specialization in data which would not only help me in my current role but also help me in my future career opportunities.” 

You might be wondering about how even with 18 years of experience, did Anand actually find anything worth learning in a certification course? Well this is what he has to say about his learning experience “The curriculum is absolutely great. It starts slowly with the most basic of topics to help everyone get on the same page of learning and help people from non-technical backgrounds get a good kickstart with data. Then it moves on to intermediate and hard topics that are very much essential and necessary in handling huge amounts of data.” 

Further elaborating on his experience with the expert faculty, an ear-to-ear smiling Anand says, “The experience with the mentors was simply amazing. Calling the IIM Indore faculty or mentors just good would be an understatement. They were too good and had the knack of giving us the exact amount of guidance we needed. They handheld us in topics new to us and collaborated with us on ideas that we wanted to experiment on making every stage of the program a new learning process.” 

The exhaustive 10-month online program is curated exclusively for enthusiastic data lovers like Anand to help them take their career to new heights. To know in depth about Anand’s learning journey and his feeling about the program we decided to play a quick round of rapid fire with him. To know all his answers, to find out his complete learning experience and how the program altered his career check out the complete video here –

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