These IIM Udaipur Students are Ensuring They are Going to be One of the First Placed. Find Out How?

How many of you have a BTech in Computer Science and began your career as a programmer in the IT industry? Did you get restless after a few years? Felt the need to take your career to another level and so went on to do an MBA?

Vidit Mongia, a student at IIM Udaipur had a similar journey. Bored of his programming profile, he decided to take charge of his career and pick up skills that would lead him to a more strategic role in an organization. He joined IIM Udaipur but soon realised that there was one other vital skill set that he needed, to ensure that he really had the edge, a skill that recruiters would be looking for at placements.

Data Analysis- the ability to understand and handle disparate data.  Today organisations in both traditional and non-traditional sectors are serious about leveraging their data. And to be able to truly benefit from the insights that are mined, they need all their managers to be data savvy. Whether in HR, or finance, retail or operations, every manager needs to be able to understand, interpret and act on data.

Vidit understood this and signed up for Jigsaw’s Analytics for Beginners course. And he was not alone. More than 15 others from IIM Udaipur also opted to do the online course, which essentially focuses on the relevance and importance of using analysis in everyday life. It is a great introduction to the world of analytics and uses simple language, fun examples and entertaining videos to introduce one to the fundamentals of analytics.

Vidit and the other students seemed to love the course and gave us some great feedback:

Vidit Mongia

The learning from this online course has been immense.The examples and the structure that the course followed were systematic. Every beginner who has an interest in analytics should try out the Analytics for Beginners course provided by Jigsaw. It is a great platform to begin with.” Vidit Mongia

Satish Raja

“The methodologies explained in the videos were very appropriate. I didn’t realize how important they were initially, but when I’m crunching data for my live project, I realized how helpful the course was.” Satish Raja  

 “It was a very good experience. The program started with the very basics which one should know before starting. Then, came the “Introducing the Analytics Methodology with a Case Study” part, where the academy taught us the different aspects of analytics. Overall, it was a very good course and would like to recommend others to take it.” Victor Roy

“Helpful and should be mandatory for analytics enthusiasts.” Ananya Srivastava          

We hope that this analytics fever spreads and all MBAs realize how crucial it is for them to add analytics skills to their skillset. Let’s face it. It’s a tough business environment out there. The one that is the smartest has the edge. When it comes time for placements, the best jobs will go to those that can inculcate a data driven culture within the organization. The candidate that can show that they have the experience or skills to analyse, manage and make use of data is increasingly the one that is selected.

So MBAs of today you cannot be complacent. You cannot believe, that just because you have got a business degree from a well know school, your career is secure.  Today the whole industry is Datafied. What this means is, that whatever your role in an organization, whichever the sector,  if you do not have the skills to understand and interpret data, you cannot effectively contribute and add value to your role, and as such you will find yourself stagnating.

The good news is that, several business schools like MISB Bocconi, Great Lakes and IIM Bangalore, have recognised that analytic skills are in demand and have launched analytics specific business programs. Many others have begun to introduce analytics modules within the regular curriculum.  However, these modules often just skim through the popular analytics techniques and tools, giving you knowledge but little practical learning.

So, if you feel you need to sharpen your analytics skill set, it would be prudent to enroll in a short duration distance or online analytics course that gives you the skills you need to get that edge in the workplace, so that you can look forward  to an exciting, challenging and fast growth career path. Today success belongs to those who can think and act analytically!

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