Why Web Analytics Training In India is a Great Choice?

What is web analytics? What do web analysts do? What are the skills they need? Do web analysts get paid well? Is it a career graduates should consider? Where can one get trained in web analytics? We at Jigsaw have been flooded with these and lots more such questions recently. So we decided to write a blog that answers all the questions you have about Web Analytics. Hope you find this useful:)

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What is web analytics?

Web analytics is a set of strategic methodologies implemented to maximize online and e-commerce activities. It measures, collects, analyzes and reports on Internet data, so as to understand and optimize Web usage. Essentially it tries to answer:

  1. Who is coming to our web site?

  2. What are they doing when they come to the website? Is this what we want them to do, if not what is the gap between what they are doing and the ideal?

By analyzing this data, companies can find insights to try and close the gaps between what visitors are doing and the ideal and try and actually bring more of the right kind of visitors to the website.

If you want to know more about how a business can really benefit from web analytics, read this post by Jigsaw mentor Abhirami Shankar The Business Benefits of Web Analytics

What do web analysts really do?
Well, as a web analyst, you would essentially need to:

  • Understand the data at hand.

  • Be able to explore and find out what the data represents.

  • Draw out insights that solve the defined problem.

  • Be able to effectively communicate valuable, useful insights to the decision-makers.

There are essentially two broad areas in web analytics, the Business side and the Technical side. The business side involves using and analyzing web data to generate reports that give valuable insights that help achieve your business goals. The technical side involves all the technology-related aspects of web analytics, like data sorting and cleaning, choosing the right tools, configuring a suitable program etc.

A career in web analytics can be quite specialized depending on your role. Today the specializations that are available are Website analyst, Social media analysis, Competition analyst, Campaign analyst and Web analytics tool, specialist.

What are the skills a web analyst needs?

A web analyst is essentially a data analyst and you will require to have all the intrinsic skills of a data scientist. You need to be good with numbers, be curious and intuitive and be a good communicator. You also need to be well-versed in concepts of statistics, marketing, and technology. You will need to keep abreast with all the new tools and technologies within your space and in the industry. As you progress in your career you can specialize in specific web analytics tools or certain aspects of the web.

Careers growth and Salaries
If you are in a job that requires you to work with data, your career simply put, is on the best possible track. The way the world is getting datafied, those with data skills never need fear of becoming redundant. Your skills and expertise will always be in demand.

According to Jigsaw Academy’s 2014 Salary Report, salaries of web analysts will be 20% higher than IT professionals with similar years of experience. Average salaries are approximately 11.6 lakhs per annum. In the US web analysts earn on an average $50-100k. As you move into more management related roles, the salary increases to $150-170k.

Download Jigsaw’s 2014 Analytics Salary  Report now.

Web Analytics Training
If you are eager to begin a career in web analytics, check out Jigsaw’s new online course on Web Analytics. The course is designed for Professionals in the E-Commerce industry interested in assessing online business performances, Professionals in traditional business aspiring to move into Online Businesses and MBA / BBA and all other students interested in E-Commerce Marketing & Sales careers. The course focuses on learning how to:

• Confidently analyze & solve online business problems in the real world
• Influence decision making by bench-marking own performance against competitors
• Deliver actionable “data driven” business insights

For more information do attend a free Q&A session on 24th Aug from 10:30 am – 12:30 pm. To register for the session sign up here.

Have we answered all your doubts? If you still have questions, do write to us at info@u-next.com and we will be happy to get back to you.

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