Top Big Data Certifications To Know About In 2021

Ajay Ohri


Welcome to a comprehensive discussion regarding the top big data certifications. Big data is an indispensable part of an organization. It helps you obtain knowledgeful insights. There is an ample number of data, hence the organization needs people who analyze the data. Certifications are a measure of your skill and enterprises have set specific parameters for evaluating your knowledge and skill.  Hence, it is probable that you demonstrate your skills. The pay scale for these skills is high with certifications. Big data certification cost varies from one institute to others.

List of Big Data Certifications

  • Big data for data engineering

This course from IBM helps you learn basic concepts and terminologies of big data and its applications across industries. This aids in deriving insights for business productivity, processing large data volumes, while extracting insightful and valuable information from them. Big data certification for architecture proves your proficiency in constructing the software that meets the recent trends.

  • Big data Hadoop and spark developer

This course helps in mastering concepts of Hadoop framework, big data tools, and methodologies for your successful career as a big data developer. This course analyzes your tendency to learn tools and the execution of tools in big data and developing the code. Big data Hadoop certification provides you with a wide range of access to explore this area.

  • Pyspark training course

If you want to learn python, this training course can strike a spark with this pyspark certification training. This course provides an outline of spark stack and helps us understand leveraging the python functionality.

  • Apache Kafka 

Various tools are used for processing large scale data empowering your organization for leveraging big data analytic certification with apache kafka training course.

  • Cloudera certification

Cloudera big data certification enables them to test your skills in data analysis and storage. An authoritative arena in the big data domain, Cloudera offers courses on Hadoop and related domains. This certification ensures you to be proficient in the analysis of data and data storage.

  • Intellipaat Big data certification        

 Intellipat provides big data certification recognized across 80 corporate enterprises globally. The enterprises are prominent in the software domain. The course also enables you to access your understanding through questions and assessments,  while working on projects provided by big data training.

Intellipaat big data Hadoop training architect training and certification

  • Videos of excellent quality, PDfs, PPT’s , tutorials, interview questions
  • Good support by clearing doubts 
  • Trainers with industry experience of 114 years
  • Tie-ups with corporates for placement
  • Microsoft’s MCSE: Data analytics and management 

Microsoft makes use of its own tools. This certification enables you to be adept at their products.  It ensures that qualify you for SQL Database administration, development, and business intelligence reporting.

Microsoft certified solutions expert in data management and analytics assists you in proving your skillsets in making use of business intelligence data for the cloud and the rest. Big data analytic certification also helps in analyzing the skills you possess.

  •  Hotonworks Hadoop certification 

Horton works are providing certification. Hortonworks is a Hadoop tool that serves as a vendor offering services to the enterprises with tools that is used for deployment in various organizational setups.  This Horton certification is provided for and other big data professionals. This certification is preferred incorporates.

  • HDP Certified Developer exam

HDP Certified Developer exam is designed for Hadoop developers proficient across different domains.

This tests your skills in

  • Data ingestion
  • Data transformation
  • Data analytics

This exam enables them to access your skillsets on different data technologies.

  • Mongo DB Certified Developer Exam

An industry-relevant and recognized certification that assists you in demonstrating your skills in designing and building applications using Mongo DB. This checks your knowledge on Mongo DB basics, and the rest.

  • EMC data science and big data analytics certification

This course is for obtaining certification in Hadoop ecosystem including Pig, Hive. You will have to showcase your expertise in areas such as random forests, logistic regression, data visualization, and natural language processing. The program focuses on data analytics practice, the main phase of the data analytics life cycle, statistical modelling technology, analyzing and exploring data.

  • SAS certified data scientist

The certification is designed for testing the skills of individuals for obtaining insights from big data with a wide range of tools and make business suggestions with various models providing models at scale using flexible methods. The system application software enables them to explore data science through different tools.

  • American certification 

Data science of America provides you certification specifying your proficiency in areas of big data, as well as having knowledge in analytics. This offers your knowledge testament on big data.

  • Oracle certification

This certification detects individuals who are proficient in executing solutions based on the oracle program. The certification ensures coverage of a wide variety of skills. This incorporates various tools inbuilt for analysis and understanding of the data science and analytics along with different tools. 


Software organization with an ample number of skills is a dynamic industry. Hence, obtaining the necessary skills to sustain in the field is of prime importance. The constant updating of technology is also important in today’s world. These certifications are a mark that helps you prove your expertise and proficiency in the ever-changing field. 

Big data analysts are at the vanguard of the journey towards an ever more data-centric world. Being powerful intellectual resources, companies are going the extra mile to hire and retain them. You too can come on board, and take this journey with our Big Data Specialization course.


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