A Quick Guide to Choosing the Best Web Analytics Tool

Sanchita Lobo
Web Analytics is an interesting and exciting career option for all those who are considering a career in analytics. Today this art of understanding a company’s web presence, users interests and behavior, gives them the opportunity to focus on very narrow segments who are more likely to convert.


A web analyst primarily understands :
  1. Who is coming to the web site?
  2. What are they doing?
  3. What is the gap between what they are doing and what you  want them to do?
  4. How can you close the gaps?
  5. How can we get more of these people?

Let’s take a look at the above video, a part of Jigsaw’s web analytics course which explains more about why companies invest in web analytics, choosing an analytics tool and some of the tradeoffs to consider while making this tool selection.

To find out more about the term web analytics, why it can be useful to businesses and what kind of businesses use web analytics take a look at our introductory video from the Web Analytics course.

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