Are You Thinking About Investing in Some Analytics Training? Meet Someone Who Recently Went Down This Road.

Sanchita Lobo

With the ever-expanding boundaries of businesses and the constant need to out-do and out-grow competitors, companies are on the look-out for people who can study the market and help them strategize and align growth patterns. This is where you come in; with a knack for numbers, a keen insight into business, and a love for data. If you are thinking about switching to the exciting world of analytics, it couldn’t be at a better time.

But before you take the plunge, you first need to hone those analytics skills. It’s never an easy decision. What are the data skills in demand? Which is a better place to get trained from? One of the most reliable ways to do your research is to talk to those who have been down the same road.

Let’s meet Shyamalima Baruah, who recently did an analytics course at Jigsaw and hear what she has to say about her decision to study analytics, the importance of gaining a good skill set, choosing the right course, and a lot more.

An Electronics and Communication Graduate from Rajasthan, Shyamalima earned her MBA in Marketing from Edith Cowan University and her Postgraduate Diploma in Retail Management from Retailers Association of India. Taking a break from her academic pursuits, Shyamalima began her professional career as a Store Manager with Essar Telecom Retail Ltd. She later transitioned into the role of a Business Development Executive with Triumph India Software Service. She then decided to enrol in the Jigsaw Foundation course to add to her skills set.

So Shymalima, what was it about analytics that caught your eye?

A friend of mine had been working as an analyst for many years and it was through him that I learnt about the potential of analytics and its demand in the industry today. The scope is absolutely limitless and with the right direction, it can change the face of any organization. At this point I had been in the telecom and software sector for over two years, and my key strengths were sales and communication. I wanted to leverage these and further my career in the IT software sector as a business analyst.  I was confident that  to grow in my career I had to improve my understanding of the subject, gain a practical skill set, and work with a company which had individual and organizational growth is at its core.

Masters vs. an Online Certification: what finally led you to opt for the latter?

In my experience, when it comes to a subject such as analytics, a course that gives equal weightage to theoretical and practical learning is the way to go. Full time courses call for a greater investment of resources; be it time or money whereas shorter certifications are flexible, convenient, and focused towards the main agenda of the subject.

Additionally, since I was switching careers, I needed a course that didn’t require travelling long distances and hamper my personal commitments. After researching extensively and weighing my options, I zeroed in on Jigsaw’s online foundation certification in analytics, which gave me exactly what I was looking for.

What was it about Jigsaw’s course that stood out from the rest? 

I was very clear about one thing. I wanted a course that would help me further my career in the right direction. I not only needed a strong data analytics foundation, but I also needed a course that would  prepare me for interviews and sharpen my analytics skills. What appealed to me about Jigsaw’s course was the clarity of information on the website, the course structure and assessment, and most importantly placement support. It was and still is an all-round package.  The student tutorials and videos on the website accompanied by the blog gave it an edge over others because these promoted critical reasoning and learning through inference.

Upon visiting the institute, I found that the faculty was also highly experienced and always kept abreast of the latest developments and updates in the industry.

Practical, feasible, and approachable; Jigsaw ticked all the boxes for me.

Your Jigsaw Academy experience:

Jigsaw is value for money, has a strong framework, a well-rounded study methodology, and significant industry inputs.  But what really makes a difference are the additional insights into logical thinking, conclusion building, and SAS that the course imparts. This is the X-Factor, the confidence-inducing drug I needed to stand apart from the rest. And this continues to be one of the top reasons why I would love to return to Jigsaw and would recommend it to aspiring analysts.

On that note, would you like to share something with others switching over to analytics?
Let’s look at the facts.
A) Analytics is on the rise
B) There is a vast scarcity of talent
C) You rarely ever lose anything by acquiring a new skill

The odds are in your favor. But remember to do it right. When it comes to training, don’t just go for what’s popular or the norm. Go online and research, talk to people, visit academies, and converse with faculty members about courses and careers. Select a course which suits your needs and benefits you in the long run.

And remember, to be successful (whether it’s through social media, television, newspapers, or friends) always stay updated.

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