How To Get Started In Analytics For Non-IT People

A long standing myth that many people believe is that analytics is only for people with an IT background. Though it’s true that a number of IT professionals choose to upskill with analytics, but analytics as a domain is not reserved for those with programming and IT knowledge. There are many successful data scientists who started their analytics journey without any experience in coding or IT.

Jalpesh Borad comes with a background in Electrical & Electronics Engineering and now is a successful Data Engineer at LendingKart, and he found this fitting job just two months after he finished his course with Jigsaw Academy! But how did he make a transition from being an engineering trainee at an electrical manufacturing company to being a Data Engineer?

We spoke to Jalpesh to understand his journey and during the course of an interesting conversation, Jalpesh had some interesting things to share.

Jalpesh had an interest in numbers and was a ‘Big Data’ enthusiast. Building on his interests, learning Big Data formally became a logical step for him. “I’ve been fascinated with Big Data from the very first time I came across it. In fact, I use a lot of Big Data technologies in my current role as well,” he says. He took up learning data analytics while he was still working as a Project Engineer. He is happy that he chose to take up analytics after he got into the industry as it helped him do his job better.

“I was looking to get pedigree from a reputed institute, and as such, I found Jigsaw Academy to be the best. The certification and knowledge I gained has really helped me. Initially, companies doubted whether I had the right skills for a data role, but once they saw what I could do, there has been no looking back since. Since Jigsaw Academy focused their training on being able to deliver on the job and on knowledge as its needed in the industry, making that jump was breeze for me,” adds Jalpesh.

When asked what would his advice be for people with a non-IT background looking to find a start in analytics, Jalpesh says “Data Science is a great way to start your career in analytics. Most people worry about the pay they will get once they make a transition from other fields to analytics. I’d say don’t worry about that. Just follow your interest and match the expectations set for you, and a good salary will automatically follow. Research about the technologies, industry, and expectations, and make sure you make yourself ready according to that. Success will surely be yours after that.”

On a parting note, Jalpesh expressed his gratitude and what he liked most about his Jigsaw experience, “The faculty was very helpful, especially Ravi Mishra and Arokia. They helped me with all my queries and their guidance helped me learn better. The course content was excellent, up to the mark and really what is needed in the industry. I’m very thankful for all the help I received.”

Jalpesh’s journey clearly busts the myth that people from non-IT backgrounds cannot enter the field of analytics and data. All it takes is a bit of grit, a bit of dedication, and knowing what you want. The rest, you can leave it to Jigsaw Academy to help you build your analytics career.


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