How Uma Perumal reinvented herself with Analytics

In her quest for reinventing and creating a relevant value proposition, Uma had to ask herself a very important question – How do I add value to my work through bringing value to myself? This thought led her to search extensively and research to find the best resolution to that pressing need-of-the-hour question. A few words that were all set to change the way people would look at businesses, glared right back at her.

That’s when it occurred to her that it would be a course in Data Science and Machine Learning that would save her and help grow and lead her to the dynamic career path that she aspired. In 2017 she started exploring ways to enhance her knowledge in the field of Data Science and reviewed lots of options like online courses, university courses etc.

“The learning curve was quite steep here, because I knew that I would fall under that 1 or 2% of the class that may not have the expertise to probably go and do a course in Analytics. And that meant I will need a 20 to 30% more time from the faculty. Thus, I started looking out for institutes that would be ready to give me that kind of attention, which could in turn guide me into performing well. And this flexibility in the course is what drew me to the PGPDM by the University of Chicago’s Graham School and the Jigsaw Academy,” opines Uma.

An MBA in Market Research & Marketing, Uma Perumal, has over 18 years work experience with 14 years of domain experience in Banking & Financial Services. She has worked with Big Financial Institutions like Standard Chartered Bank, ICICI Bank, Barclays and Bank of Singapore.

According to her, upskilling is extremely important for middle and senior management, because she feels that if the management does not open their minds to newer technology, be aware of what is rocking the world at any given moment and learn to leverage data to their advantage, they will not be able to take the right decisions or guide the organization in the right path and everything will eventually fall apart.

Once the she completed the Post Graduate Program in Data Science & Machine Learning (PGPDM) with Jigsaw Academy in January 2019, she was amazed at the strong support from the placement team that helped her not just to shortlist a few options but also prepared her extensively for placement interviews.

The course and the mentoring from the Jigsaw team helped her position herself better in the job market. She has now successfully moved into the field of Data Science and Machine Learning by joining as COO of a huge Big Data Analytics company and leads their Middle East and Africa operations.

“They do not stop by simply sharing a link to a career opportunity and leave you hanging after that. They start from there and move on to guiding you through the entire interview procedure. My faculty at Jigsaw Academy actually took me through a mock interview just before my technical interview. Come on, which institute does that? This helped me improvise, prepare a better pitch and respond to questions without flinching!”, she exclaims.

Today, it is estimated that a whopping 50,000 machine learning and data science jobs are unfilled with another 40,000 new jobs being added by 2020 – just in India alone. For professionals who are interested in building careers in data science and analytics with a strong background and context in business, Jigsaw Academy has programs that will equip its learners with a fundamental understanding of these topics.

If you’re looking to move into the world of analytics, just like many of our enterprising students, feel free to visit our website to find a course that fits your requirements.

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