Our Future Leaders Program Helped Ritoshuvro Enhance His Skill Sets!


Learning has no age limit. In today’s competitive world, it’s vital to keep upskilling and to enhance our skill sets. Organizations are employing emerging technologies like Business Analytics, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning in their business operations and becoming more data-driven. It has become imperative to learn Business Analytics as an additional skill and become digitally-oriented, regardless of the type of industry you work in.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped business models and strategies. Organizations are looking for professionals with proficient Business Analytics skills to join their teams. There are more than 60,000+ job openings for professionals skilled in Business Analytics on job portals like Naukri. Upskilling in Business Analytics will help professionals close the demand gap and upgrade their knowledge and skill sets and help them achieve unprecedented career growth.

Upskilling in Business Analytics offers a golden opportunity to mid-career professionals who feel stagnated in their professional journey and are looking forward to a career transformation. Learners get to enhance their decision-making and problem-solving skills with the help of emerging technologies and tools. 

Ritoshuvro Banerjee, a former Senior Business Analyst at Evergent Inc., has around 6 years of experience in Banking and Financial Services. He pursued his Bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Instrumentation and started his career as a Software Engineer in HCL Technologies. His area of expertise lies in interpreting business needs, coordinating with business stakeholders across the entire SDLC process, and delivering quality projects.

Ritoshuvro upskilled in Business Analytics through our 10 month-long online Integrated Program in Business Analytics (IPBA), in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Management, Indore. The program is designed for mid-career professionals and senior executives who wish to enhance themselves through this unique program that offers a brilliant blend of management and data skills to become a Future Leader.

We spoke with Ritoshuvro about his upskilling journey with Jigsaw Academy after he completed the program. Let’s hear his experience from him.

Ritoshuvro Banerjee
  1. Why did you decide to upskill in the Business Analytics domain?

    Business Analytics is crucial in today’s time, and it drives critical decisions. It adds value to your choice by backing it up with reason and logic as to why that particular decision or choice is preferred. It provides powerful insights on past behavior and helps one identify or predict future behavior/patterns, which could be turned into something useful.
  2. Would you like to share the highlights of your upskilling journey with the IPBA?

    My upskilling journey with the Integrated Program in Business Analytics (IPBA) was thrilling and satisfying. The course taught me how to code in Python language and infer data using statistical techniques, machine learning models, and more. It also focuses on the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process and teaches various data extraction ways through tools like Spark, Hive, and Hadoop. It also gave us a peek into text mining and an introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP), which I found very fascinating.
  3. Would you recommend IPBA to your friends, and why?

    Yes, I would recommend IPBA to my friends. Analytics is a trending domain and is receiving quite the buzz these days. This course helps you learn the what, whys, and hows of this domain. This course is an intensive and thorough one, and everyone should consider it if they are looking for a career transformation. It helps one to grasp the concepts and familiarize themselves with the tools and techniques widely used in the market.
  4. Keeping the current market needs in mind, do you think our Future Leaders program (IPBA) is relevant?

    Business Analytics has been in the market for quite some time and is not new. This course gets one to understand and learn the tools and techniques that are used worldwide. Through this course, learners get to solve real-world problems. One should also always upskill to the recent trends and developments happening in the domain, and IPBA’s comprehensive curriculum helps them achieve the same.
  5. How was your experience with online live classes by IIM-I faculty?

    It was an excellent experience for me. The topics were very crisp and accurate. The sessions are pre-recorded by instructors and can be played as many times as learners want to. There is a provision for interacting with the professors through live chats during the session. If a concept still does not get resolved and needs more clarification, there is always an option to reach out to the professors by emailing them your questions and queries.
  6. How has IPBA helped you grow in your professional journey?

    By being in the IT industry for more than 6+ years, I realized that there is a crucial demand for customer-centric products and services. Business Analytics has helped me achieve the skills required to design and build customer-focused products. I can now develop applications, processes, reports, dashboards, etc., keeping in mind the end-users’ perspective and ultimately enriching the customer’s satisfaction and experience.
  7. Why did you choose the Integrated Program in Business Analytics with IIM-I & Jigsaw Academy?

    There are several upskilling programs in the market these days. I found the IPBA to be quite thorough and intensive. Expert faculty from IIM Indore teach the curriculum, which is another benefit in itself. With the assessment-based module, each topic comes with case studies and caters to real-world problems. The course is designed to have a project at the end, where you learn the application of the concepts that have been taught throughout the program. Plus, you get the alumni status of IIM Indore!

Business Analytics presents immense opportunities to professionals in all domains and career stages. Like Ritoshuvro, you can also upskill in Business Analytics to enhance your skills and take a step towards becoming a Future Leader. If you wish to know more about our Future Leaders program, in collaboration with IIM Indore, check out our website.

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