Triggering Conversations Through Analytics

Analytics training from Jigsaw Academy has been a crucial turning point in their careers for many of our students. With their foot firmly in the analytics playground post their course training and with Jigsaw’s support – they’re ready to lead as members of the analytics community.

While we strive to help our students build long lasting careers in analytics, one thing that keeps us going is the love our students have for us. Frequently, we keep getting emails from them, where they share their journey in analytics career.

One such person is Raju Varanasi, who currently works as the Chief Information Officer at Catholic Education Office, Australia. When we got in touch with Raju, we learnt how analytics played an important role in his life – not just in his career but in his love for what he does as well.

Video: Raju Varanasi at Cypher 2017 on Analytics journey in a Catholic school system

At Cypher 2017, India’s largest analytics conference, I had the good fortune to have a chat with Mr.Raju Varnasi, one of our early students. We spoke about his background, his career growth, his analytics journey, and of course, his experience with Jigsaw Academy.

When asked about his background, Raju said, “As an engineer, I’ve always had a strong love for numbers and what they represent – data. From my background and education, this affinity towards numbers was ingrained in me.” He continued, “I was a Chemical Engineer but when I was a new migrant in Australia, I had to take up any job that came along. That’s how I entered the field of education so many years ago.” Since the early 90s, Raju Varanasi has been deeply involved in the education space and has affected groundswell changes in the system.

Driving Innovation through Analytics

Raju’s motivation to learn analytics came from interacting with a traditionalist CIO who liked to keep things in silos and under lock and key. When Raju wanted to drive innovation across the company, it was tough. He needed a strong foundation in analytics – and he discovered Jigsaw Academy in 2012. Over the next 14 weeks, Raju learned the fundamentals and advanced concepts of data science to make organizational change happen.

“I used to iron clothes while listening to the lecture, pausing only to ask questions on chat,” he quips, citing the main reason he chose Jigsaw Academy. “Every Sunday evening, everyone had the Monday blues, but I could spend my time with my family while learning a skill that would help me,” he said.

He still comes back from time to time, thanks to his lifetime course access, to refresh a few advanced analytics concepts.

“I keep visiting the Jigsaw Learning Centre for new content. Old courses get updated regularly and I get access to more relevant content and case studies. This is what I call ‘lifetime learning’.”

With his newfound knowledge, Raju was able to deliver value in new ways, accelerating his career growth.

Today, Raju has led the development of an integrated platform that combines over 85 systems. This platform enables teachers, administrators, students, and parents understand the performance of each element of the school system in real time and adapt accordingly.

When I asked Raju about why he chose analytics, he said,

“Analytics has the power of change. We can harness technology to help make conversations better with real time insights. We no longer have to wait for 6 months for a report. I can take up my iPad, walk up to a teacher and we can start having a constructive conversation.”

He also said, “The underlying technology is there. All the data is housed in silos. When I can pull these different data points together in a simple, easy to understand dashboard, I’m adding real value. I’m helping people do their job better and helping them move from a slow, static paradigm to a dynamic, real time paradigm.”

Why Analytics? 

As our conversation was winding up, I asked Raju to share his insights on analytics. That’s when he shared that analytics triggers conversations. It helps transform mindsets and that’s our way forward.

For those of you wondering how analytics is changing the world, here’s how. Not just in industries, analytics is influencing education and institutions too.

As the world becomes more open to data analytics, it will need more people like you aspiring data scientists. Get started with analytics if you haven’t already!

Head to our course page to know how you too can transform your career and lay down the path for a career in analytics. Reach out to us at or on +91 92435 22277 to talk one-on-one with our expert career counselors.



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