An Easy Guide On Career Exploration

Ajay Ohri


As per a survey, most of the professionals are not happy with what they do. They are unsatisfied with their career and the direction in which their career is moving. Many sectors offer lucrative paycheque and a range of opportunities, but the number of applications in this sector has reduced drastically. Professionals must choose a career that motivates them; else, they should take no time to switch to a field that entices them.

The first step in career exploration is understanding the various career opportunities and knowing where your interest lies. This lets you discover new career options which you may not be aware of. You must ascertain the career options that you have, which involve evaluating the information about where your skills and interests are. Career exploration is what is going to let you land in the career that you find most satisfying.

In this article let us look at:

  1. Career Assessment
  2. How should I choose my career path?
  3. Factors That Misguide You While Career Exploration

1. Career Assessment

Career exploration is crucial because it lets you understand what your attributes are. 

Career assessment involves using tools that help to identify one’s attributes, preferences, and interests. This could be a formal or an informal assessment.

Informal assessment is done using worksheets, and formal assessments are done using various self-assessment tools. The self-assessment tool identifies and evaluates your personal preferences, which improves your ability to be a good team player by leading a team.

The tools for career exploration for students helps to identify the career opportunities that will match your interest and let you choose the right training and certification programs. The assessment lets you understand how risk-taking you are.

The assessment tools let you make an informed career choice by identifying the occupation and the industries that reflect your skills, values, and interests.

2. How should I choose my career path?

First, you should start by making a list of the options that you are interested in exploring. You may have some ideas in mind; however, it is always best that you check out and create a list of the new opportunities to expand your search.

The idea is to first do a self-assessment and identify your area of interest. You then need to figure out if you have the skills to enter the profession. You can check out the industry and profession-related websites to understand if the role interests you. If you are already employed, then understand if you can transfer your current skills to the new role. You may have to refine your skills so that you are employable in the new sector that you choose to enter.

If you have understood where your career prospects are, then understand what your responsibilities and daily duties will be. Know the actual job requirements and where you stand as per the employability and work skills. Are there any certifications needed, and what the employable prospects in the future?

The ideal place to find the answers to our questions on a career change is to follow the updates and latest developments which can be got through print and online resources and published materials. You may also want to meet people who work in this sector to understand the job role from them. They are also the best people to give you the up to date information about what is expected from you in the field.

3. Factors That Misguide You While Career Exploration

You must understand the true reason for a career change. Some may be looking to have a transition in their career for a genuine reason. However, if the reason why are you looking for change is that you have been left broke with your current job or just because you are bored of your current profile, then you are mistaken.

Do not switch your career if the reason for shifting to a new career is to be financially secure or the desire to overtake your colleagues. You may also want to change your career because your present profession is not sought after or because your present job does not pay well. These are not the reasons to consider a job change.


Do not look for a career transition unless you are interested in a new career. You must keep your eyes and your minds open while you explore various career options. You will be accountable for every step that you take. It is thus important that you do proper research before you switch to a new career. You do not want to start your career in a field that you are not interested in but wish to switch to only because of money.

Analyze and research well because if you can explore the career path that interests you, then going to work daily will not be a task for you. If you like what you do, then this will make you work harder and smarter, letting you grow faster in the field. However, if you are in a particular job only because of the money, then this is not going to take you anywhere.

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