How To Choose A Career? An Important Guide In 2021

Ajay Ohri


What do you look for when you start your career? A career stream of your choice and a stream you are passionate about. This is the first thing you should be clear of: where does your interest lie when you decide how to choose a career? It is an important factor because if you are not passionate about your work, then it will be a tedious task to log in each day. It will also pull you back, not letting you advance in your career.

On top of that, you also need to consider the working environment of the company, what challenges they offer, and if you can learn something from the work profile. You should be aware of the work-life balance the company offers and the networking opportunities that it can create for you. 

In this article, we discuss the right ways of choosing a career path based on various factors.

  1. How should you choose a career path?
  2. Understanding All About Your Current Career Path
  3. Choose the Career Path Meant For You

1) How should you choose a career path?

The answer to the question of how to choose a career can be broadly divided into five categories.

  • Choose your career based on your interest – Instead of choosing a career path that pays more, and it is always recommended that you do what you like to do. This is even if your interest may not pay you well. If you love what you do and chase your passion, it helps you to scale new heights faster in the long run.
  • Choose your career based on your interpersonal qualities – Understand your nature and how you respond to various situations. Can you handle pressure well? The answer to this will let you determine if you are a good team player or can be efficient in a managerial role.
  • Choose your career as per where your long term interest lie – After you spend some time in a particular field, it gets difficult to switch streams. It may also not be feasible to change your career midway if you have a family to support and bills to pay. Do not start with a job that you decide to do temporarily. You never know when you may get trapped and get into the field permanently, struggling to get out of it in the later stage.
  • Choose a career based on your academics – What you study equips you with the right knowledge and the skills that let you start your career. If you have a degree or a certification related to the job role, then this does give you an advantage in your job.
  • Choose a career based on your strength – Identify if you are more of promotion types or are someone who works more with a preventive attitude. The former will be creative and think abstractly, while the latter will be more into completing the project assigned. Understand where your strengths lie.

2) Understanding All About Your Current Career Path

Most of them out of college will be tempted to take up a career that pays well and looks lucrative from the outside. However, if working hours or the perks is your sole deciding factor about how to choose a career after the 12th, then this can get you into trouble. You will eventually end up doing a job and not forming a successful career. It is good to chase what you want to do. Do not haste but compare where the benefits lie.

If you have two jobs to choose from – one that pays well but does not meet your interests and the other which pays less but is what you have always dreamt about doing, then calculate how much you would have to compromise in each case. If you feel that the benefits and perks have to be pursued, only then run after money leaving your interests behind.

3) Choose the Career Path Meant For You

It is difficult to accept change, and you cannot think of changing your career over the night. The path is overwhelming. However, if you are committed and motivated, then you definitely can reach where you want to. Break down your long-term goals into small parts and achieve them slowly. Before you accept any offer, research about the company and the job profile well. You do not want to end up in a position that is worse than the last one. Do not haste but take time and learn some new skills. This will make it easy for you to take the plunge.


It is difficult to get a definite answer to the question ‘how to choose the right career; however, choosing a stream that you enjoy doing can definitely boost your career. There is only a handful of them who are doing what they are passionate about. This question seems to envelop all whether you are a fresher, a mid- managerial role, or someone who has recently lost a job.

Choosing the right care path can be tough and confusing especially because of the huge competition around. 

While someone out of college may not have many choices in selecting what he exactly wants to do, there should be a lot of consideration given to the job before signing the offer letter. A handsome salary and work from home benefits are not the only things to consider about how to choose a career after 10th. It is important to think deeply and figure out if the career is meant for you.

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