Playing To Your Strengths To Build A Rewarding Analytics Career

Moving into the analytics field certainly requires a certain amount of study and skill development. Depending on what branch of analytics you intend to study, you need to understand its ins and outs and very often this learning process happens from scratch.

However, one of our former students, Kingshuk Bose, found that playing to his strengths and his prior experience and qualifications was the ideal way to break into the world of analytics and find the career switch he was looking for.

“I completed my B.Tech, during which I studied mathematics and eventually that was what would make all the difference when deciding to move to analytics,” he told us. “I have a knack for numbers, and once I started working at Tata Consultancy Services, I began to learn some analytics basics.” While that definitely set him on his way, Kingshuk still wanted to develop a deeper expertise in the field, and he did a couple of courses to help him get to where he wanted.

“Since I had my maths background, learning the different analytics tools and techniques weren’t a massive problem. But I didn’t find any course I did to be especially robust. They focused too much on the theoretical side of things, but didn’t necessarily explain how those theories would translate into a real business situation,” he said.

Once he joined Jigsaw Academy, Kingshuk was really able to kickstart his move into analytics. He had very positive and encouraging things to say about his program with us.

“The industry perspective we got during the course was ideal, as it helped prepare us for what we could expect to face later on,” Kingshuk said.

“The course structure was also perfect, as did get a good mix of theory and practical, which is what you need when acquiring a new technical skill like analytics, and most importantly, even complex concepts were conveyed clearly enough for us to get a very good understanding of them.”

“I also found the placement assistance to be excellent. I got a lot of calls and then moved into my current job, as a Machine Learning developer with Oracle, soon after I was done with the course.”

His advice for anyone looking to make a similar move into the field is clear. “Don’t stop pushing yourself. You need to understand as much as you can about all aspects of the field, be it the tools and techniques or their applications in a business context. As you keep equipping yourself with the different tools that are relevant to your job, you will develop immensely as a data pro, and that will benefit you tremendously in your career.”

Kingshuk simply built on his love for maths to carve out a great career for himself in the analytics world. Constantly working on something that you’re good at and have an affinity for can lead to you finding the ideal job for yourself.

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