Setting Long Term And Short Term Career Goals: An Important Overview For 2021


The majority of us do not find ourselves on the career path that we had imagined ourselves to be in. It is important that instead of just going with the flow, one should set up clear goals both for the long term and short term career goals. This helps to build a clear vision for their career and motivates them to achieve. With the larger goal in mind, it becomes easy to break it down into short term career goals which in turn streamlines the process and does not make the path cluttered. It also lets us channelize the resources optimally.

  1. Why set Goals, and what are their benefits
  2. Setting the Larger Goal
  3. Setting Smaller Goals
  4. Additional Goal Setting Tips
  5. Goal Setting; A Practical Perspective

1.Why set Goals, and what are their benefits

Let us understand why one should set goals and what their advantages are.

  • When you have a clear goal in place, then it lets you build a long term. Vision for your career, and this, in turn, motivates you in the shorter term to achieve it.
  • You can channelize the knowledge acquired positively.
  • You spend your time productively instead of wasting it on some unhealthy tasks.
  • You are now able to channelize the resources well that helps to produce results.
  • When the goals are clearly defined, then this can be measured, recognized, and applauded when you achieve them.
  • These goals give you a proper idea of where you are heading instead of pushing you on a pointless path.
  • You also see a boost in your self-confidence, which in turn lets you understand your ability and competency.

You must take time and plan out your goals. However, the majority of them do not know how they should go about it. Many do not even understand what it is that is holding them back to let them achieve their goal.

Goal setting is not easy. To envision where you would like to be 10 or 20 years from now and to have a clear career plan is daunting. To have a well-planned path, you need to break down the long term goal into smaller levels.

Have a big picture in mind to know where you are headed and where you want to see yourself in the next few years. Have a larger timeframe goal that you ultimately want to achieve. Then break the goal into small targets. Curate a list of short term career goals that ultimately lets you achieve your long term goal.

2.Setting the Larger Goal

When you have decided on your lifetime goal, it gives you a perspective that in turn defines your process of decision-making. Focus on the below-mentioned areas, which will let you be clear on where you wish to head.

Your career, education, family, finance, and attitude are important, and when you go through each of these fields individually, it will help you to determine what you have to focus on to achieve your long term target.

3.Setting Smaller Goals

Now that you have mapped your long term goal, you now have to concentrate on your short term career goals. These should be looked into individually. 

Create a 6-month, 1-year, and 5-year plan to achieve at every stage and get closer to your life goal. You should even work to break down your monthly and yearly goals into daily and weekly goals. Getting into the minuscule level will keep you assured that you are heading on the right path.

4.Additional Goal Setting Tips

Here are some additional tips to help you achieve your long term and short term career goals.

Be positive about what you want to achieve and keep pushing yourself. Your goal should be clear with a precise date and time by when you aim to achieve it. Prioritize the goals so that there is no confusion. When you write your goals down, it builds focus. Keeping small goals makes them achievable. Set performance goals. Performance goals let you have control in your hands, and outside forces do not create havoc in your plan. Set goals that are achievable and realistic. When you cross them, you will feel confident and appreciate your achievement towards your broader goal.

5.Goal Setting; A Practical Perspective

If you are a student who has just started his career journey, you have an idea of where you should head to. You have a career goal in mind, which could be to become the director of a company. You also have a financial goal which could be financial independence. Now that you have the long term goal listed in front of you, it is time to break them down into smaller and manageable goals that can be achieved.


When you set your goals, then it lets you envision your future. Setting goal is powerful because it keeps you motivated and helps to change your perception of the future into reality. Be clear on how you would like to see yourself in the future, and then break it down into smaller realistic goals that let you climb the ladder slowly to reach your target.

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