Successful Career: A Step-By-Step Guide (2021)


It takes a lot of hard work and effort to build a successful career. A parallel can be drawn between building a career and launching a startup. Like startups, one’s career could also fail because of various reasons. It is important to learn from those who have succeeded. In this article, we will be comparing a career with a startup to understand the common traits that both these processes share.

  1. The True Definition of a Career, and How It Compares to Startup Principles
  2. The Importance of Creating and Sticking to Good Habits
  3. The Five Stages of Startups and How They Relate to Career-Building

1. The True Definition of a Career, and How It Compares to Startup Principles

When you launch any startup, you need to be clear and have the complete business picture. You should start your business in a field that is in demand. It should not be anything random but something that you are interested in and are passionate about. If you love what you do, then this will keep you motivated to work towards it for years to come.

You will also have to look at your weakness and strengths and chalk out ways in which you can work on improvements. There are many reasons why any venture could fail, for which you need to understand its past and current trends. These are some of the basic questions that one may ask before they start a business.

These are also the questions that you should address before you start your career. How to have a successful career? Your career choice should be something that you are passionate about. You should be aware of your weakness and any skill gaps that may not let you progress to have a successful career. Knowing them will let you either change your stream or improve on those areas.

2. The Importance of Creating and Sticking to Good Habits

We all face many obstacles at each stage of our lives. Life can be unpredictable. You must follow good habits irrelevant of whether you are just starting a business or are building your career. Discipline and good practices let you be equipped to handle the patches when they occur. It lets you overcome the obstacles and recover from any setbacks. It is important to inculcate these habits that instil a desire to learn new skills, be professional and responsible, avoid shortcuts, stick to what you have committed to, and focus on your consumers.

3. The Five Stages of Startups and How They Relate to Career-Building

When you build any startup, then there are chances that you get stuck in between. You always are aware of what this field demands and are passionate about it too. However, things could change in no time, and this is when you need to adapt to these new challenges and learnings. It is only through agility that you can grow your business.

The same applies to building your career as well. You should be eager and willing to learn and take up any new responsibilities and roles. You should be keen on learning something new.

Be it a startup or a career, and it is important to adapt through various unpredictable stages, which is what will let you grow.

  • Grow through your ideas which are important for any entrepreneur. You need to have the right idea and the passion for starting any business, which helps create connections with your customers. In your career as well, you start being an individual contributor where you apply your intellect under others directions.
  • Grow with a direction which is evident in startups where the founders need to understand that they cannot micromanage things. They should delegate some responsibilities and tasks. To let go of some work is essential to build your career as it lets you focus on what is important.
  • Growing through delegation is the crux of any startup or career. The manager and team members will have more responsibilities when the business grows. In your career, too, you learn to be independent so that you can adapt to various roles making decisions through your wisdom and experience.
  • Be it a startup or an established venture, some policies and rules start to interfere and do not let you accomplish anything.
  • Eliminating bureaucracy lets people work in harmony. Businesses around the world in every sector can succeed only through collaboration and teamwork. This is crucial whether you are a startup or someone who has to build a career. You need to be open to ideas and teamwork.


You may be an entrepreneur or someone who is building your career. Whatever you may choose to do, you should never stop learning. You may know everything about your industry, but that does not mean that your industry trends will not change. Upskilling yourself is the key to sustainability in your business or your company. These are the successful career tips.

If not, then you will be left behind following the obsolete procedures which are not going to take you anywhere. If you do not adapt to the changes that your consumers want, then you will soon cease to exist. Learn new things, stay aware of the latest developments and upskill yourself if you want to grow in your business or have a successful career.

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