Switching careers- From IT to Data Analytics

A chat with Anil Parashar- Jigsaw student, Batch of April 2013

With Data Analytics booming the way it is, we know that there are many of you IT people out there sincerely thinking about making a switch to analytics. You know that your skills are transferable and that you will find data fascinating. You know that you will make more money and that your career path will be rich and rewarding. But still, you are just a little bit hesitant to make that bold move. Its change after all and let’s face it, all of us are apprehensive when it comes to change. What we need is confidence and we get that confidence when we see others just like us taking that step…and succeeding.

One successful example is Anil Parashar, now a Data Analyst with CSC India Private Limited. He was an IT guy with CSC, when he decided to listen to the murmurings in the hallway about the future of data analytics. He enrolled for a course with Jigsaw Academy and in a few months was able to transition in house to a data analytics role. Congrats Anil and thanks for taking the time to tell us about your experiences.

Tell us a little about your background

I have a B-Tech in Electronics & Communication from Uttar Pradesh Technical University. After graduation, I began working with IBM as an Associate System Engineer. After three years I moved to CSC but continued to work in IT.

So what made you contemplate switching careers?

Though I enjoyed my role in IT, I noticed that there was a lot of chit chat about this new field called Data analytics. CSCs internal portals were buzzing with analytics talk and I began to think that it would be an interesting career option. I did some research and tried to learn more about the field. I was convinced that I would find it challenging and that the skills I already had being in IT would hold me in good stead. I also found that data science had rewarding remunerations and challenging growth opportunities.

Once you decided to switch careers, how did you go about picking up some analytics skills?

I began to research various analytics training options. I found Jigsaw Academy while doing a search for data analytics training academies. I was impressed with the faculty line up, the prices and the fact that the classes were conducted online. This would allow me flexibility, as I could continue working while simultaneously gaining the analytics skills I needed.

I enrolled for Jigsaw’s Foundation Course in Data Analytics using the language of SAS, SQL and Excel. The course was interesting and I especially appreciated the experienced faculty who were able to share their industry experiences with the students. I was able to develop a really solid understanding of analytics and the lab experience was helpful as well because we got to work on real life datasets.

A job in data analytics- how did you make it happen?

Soon after I finished the course I was able to transition in house itself to a data analytics role. I now work in CSC’s Big Data and Analytics vertical for Insurance offering. Ironically I now work mostly with R. However thanks to the analytics skills I picked up at Jigsaw, I am able to shape my mind around the problem and approach it analytically.

What do love best about your new role?

Data Analytics has really opened up a whole new world for me. In my present role when presented with a said problem, I can decide what analytic model to use and implement, so as to find useful insights. This is what I love best.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

5 year down the line, I would like to see myself as a project manager cum consultant for analytics projects.

Words of advice for others contemplating a similar shift…

Once you have decided to make a shift into data analytics, believe in yourself and have confidence in your decision. However you need to be patient. I was lucky that I was able to transition to a data analytics role very quickly. However be prepared that it could also take some time to find that suitable role. You have to be patient and optimistic. The fact is that the industry is looking for people with data analytics skills. Your analytics skills are in demand and in time you will get picked up.

I would suggest that you prepare very well for the interview. Go through as many interview questions as possible and get friends to conduct mock interviews for you. This will really help your confidence and believe me it shows when you get called for the real interview.

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