Top 10 Safest Cloud Storage


With the always-expanding number of computerized records being made, it’s getting increasingly imperative to store them securely. Getting the safest cloud storage continues to be paramount as both businesses and consumers proceeded with the verifiable pattern of progressing computerized change.

While picking an appropriate cloud storage provider, there are 5 things you should remember, for example, Space, Price, Usability, Collaboration Features, and Security.

List of Secure Cloud Storage

It’s imperative to locate the safest cloud storage for your data. The following are the list of the most secure cloud storage:

  1. IDrive
  2. pCloud
  4. Microsoft OneDrive
  5. Google Drive
  6. Egnyte Connect 
  7. MEGA
  8. Tresorit
  9. SpiderOak
  10. Koofr

1. IDrive

IDrive furnish a constant sort of your records, even those on network drives. The web interface underpins sharing documents by Twitter, Facebook, and email. Careful or click-cheerful users will be satisfied to hear that records erased from your PC are not consequently erased from the server, so there’s less risk of ejecting something significant unintentionally.

Pros: Brilliant security features.

Cons: No Two-factor authentication.

2. pCloud

pCloud is one of the relatively few secure cloud services that offer lifetime participation; you essentially get a virtual, perpetual cloud drive. It depicts itself as an individual cloud space where you can store all of your folders and documents. It has a simple to-utilize interface that clearly shows where everything is found and what it does.

Pros: Different levels of file encryption.

Cons: Zero-knowledge requires an add-on.

3. is one of our number one safest cloud storage services, and the degree of security it offers has a major impact on why. For the best security for your documents, you need a cloud storage service that offers zero-information encryption. This implies that your supplier doesn’t store a duplicate of your encryption key. Without the key, the organization can’t get to your documents, period. If the servers were gotten to wrongfully or an official warrant, your data would, in any case, be difficult to reach to anybody but you.

Pros: The encryption is offered on free plans.

Cons: Encrypted links don’t work with Safari mobile.

4. Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive will be a strong counterpart for any person who is centred around using Microsoft’s services, offering smooth consolidation with, the association’s celebrated email platform, for example. OneDrive furthermore ties in enjoyably with Windows 10, and there is an assurance of reasonable mobile applications to energize access advancing.

Pros: TLS protocol.

Cons: No zero-knowledge encryption.

5. Google Drive

Google Drive is a trademark choice for owners of Android gadgets as it’s presently organized, yet clients of various stages may esteem the liberal free storage also. You can moreover store boundless first-class photos on your mobile phone with the buddy application Google Photos and utilize Google’s office suite. Google Drive is one of the safest cloud storage for photos.

Pros: Auto-update feature.

Cons: Just AES 128-bit encryption.

6. Egnyte Connect 

Egnyte Connect is one of the safest cloud storage for business alternatives, and it’s certainly worth a look on the off chance that you need to store business records, particularly as it beat the competition generally speaking in our rundown of the best enterprise document sync and share providers.

Pros: Two-factor authentication.

Cons: No zero knowledge for most plans.


MEGA used to offer an enormous 50GB of secure cloud storage for nothing. That is not true anymore, yet you do acquire another user reward of 35GB for the initial 30 days, just as other rewards for referring users.

Pros: Zero-knowledge as standard.

Cons: Free storage is time-limited.

8. Tresorit

Tresorit is an extremely secure cloud storage service, and it brags some of the most impressive encrypted cloud storage instruments. Tragically, it’s additionally the costliest passage on this rundown, and it’s complex to utilize.

Pros: Secure file sharing.

Cons: Very Expensive.

9. SpiderOak

SpiderOak stands apart contrasted with different choices on this rundown as an online backup service, as opposed to a genuine cloud storage provider. Nonetheless, it additionally offers record sharing and adjusting, so it tends to be utilized as the safest cloud storage, even though you can just synchronize and share documents that are essential for your record backups.

Pros: Includes backup options.

Cons: Lacks two-factor authentication.

10. Koofr

They offer a few packages, generally appropriate for the lightweight user. They likewise offer extra highlights like a Chrome bookmarking expansion and the capacity to associate with other safest cloud storage accounts.

Pros: Good speed.

Cons: Limited sync features.


Safest cloud storage for photos IDrive, pCloud, Adobe Creative, Dropbox, Google Photos, and so on. Safest cloud storage for business Egnyte Connect, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Dropbox Business, Zoolz BigMind for Business, Google Drive Enterprise, and so on.

It’s getting progressively essential to protect your data on the web. Numerous cybercriminals can get their hands on modest programming to hack your records. Ensuring that you pick a secure cloud storage service that is secure is critical. At its least difficult, it is a protected virtual space that you will typically get to using your program or an application.

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