Cyber Security: The World of Umpteen Opportunities

The vast world of cyber security has umpteen opportunities for everyone. The increasing dependency on technological services has opened doors for newer threats. Data Security Council of India (DSCI) predicts the Indian Cyber Security market to be $7.6B in 2022. Little wonder, then, that cyber security is one of the highest paying jobs in today’s market. While the domain’s growth is exciting in itself, the careers in this field are equally lucrative.

Several learners and working professionals chose Jigsaw Academy as their upskilling partner to fulfill their dreams of making a steady and recession-proof career in cyber security. Through its programs, Master Certificate in Cyber Security (Red Team) and Master Certificate in Cyber Security (Blue Team), Jigsaw Academy has helped several learners achieve the desired growth in their careers. Let’s take a look at what some of the learners have to share regarding their experiences!

Rama Chandra, a Certified Cyber Crime Intervention Officer (CCIO), talks about his career change inspiration. “I have 18 years of IT experience. My career started as a C and Unix programmer. I thoroughly enjoyed programming, and the work was most satisfying initially. I grew in my career and reached the Project Manager position, where I was stuck for years. I didn’t find any passion for work,” he says.

“I attended the CYPHER conference. In that, I listened to talks by HackerU and Jigsaw Academy folks about the Cyber Security career path. I thought that was the call for me,” Rama Chandra shares on his blog.

Kaavyaa A., an Information Security Enthusiast, shares her experience in detail, as she explains the learning process from the very beginning when she decided to make a career in Cyber Security with Jigsaw Academy. “The course is divided into three phases. The very first phase is online (20 hours), and Lion Kontorer taught it. He leads the offensive security team of HackerU (Israel). It was good, as Lion covered everything right from basics. We also got the recordings of online classes in our LMS account, so we could go through it and brush up on the topics again. At the end of it, we had an assessment too,” she writes.

Phase 2 of the Master Certificate in Cyber Security is called ‘Sorting.’ At the end of Phase 2, students put their learning into the application and undergo an assessment. This assessment decides if they should proceed with Phase 3, which is the course’s main segment.

While learners enrolled in our Cyber Security program couldn’t hide their excitement for Phase 3 to start, 2020 had other plans for everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic turned everything upside down. Though lockdown threw some unforeseen challenges at us, our team ensured to not compromise on the learning front.

Rahul Mondal recalls those times and says, “Swaroop sir gave us immense support by extending our LMS (Learning Management System) access, giving us small penetration testing exams and lectures on different topics and sharing useful resources and links with us. He has a rare and great personality, which is not found these days easily.”

Another learner, Shirish Ranjan, who worked previously as a Transaction Risk Investigator at Amazon, talks about how they tackled difficult cyber security concepts with the help of hands-on practice. He says, “Many people mentioned that Buffer Overflow was a tough topic to study, and at first, I was of that same impression as well. But when Swaroop taught us the same topic and implemented it practically, it felt really easy. Thanks in large part to the way Swaroop taught us.”

“As a cyber security student at Jigsaw Academy & HackerU, I personally observed and experienced that they have the best course content and world-class trainers certified with OSCE & OSCP. They managed to provide impeccable online training during this COVID-19 lockdown period without compromising the quality of training. I’m glad and fortunate enough to be part of this training program.”

– Sivashankar Shanmugasundaram, a Cyber Security enthusiast and former System Administrator


For most learners, including Shravya Pulpa, the journey in cyber security with HackerU and Jigsaw Academy had been incredible. What made it special is something we’d all like to hear! 

“I couldn’t find a course which would provide 14+ guest lectures & industry experts across 4+ countries, apart from this one,” says Shravya. She adds that their faculty, Swaroop Yermalkar, brought in many of his friends from the cyber security domain for interaction, which turned out to be an excellent experience for everyone. Speakers from companies like IBM, Paytm, InMobi, Canon, Appsecco, Crestron, etc., spoke on essential topics such as GraphQL Pentesting, Bug Bounty Approaches, Web Application Security, Mobile Pentesting, Cloud Security, and more. 

“For me,” says Kaushal Patel, a Red Team Enthusiast and former Senior Network Security Engineer, “the most exciting parts of Phase 3 were the Cyber Challenges provided by the HackerU team, where we used to put our theoretical learnings into practice and actually hack systems! That was amazing!”

He adds, “This portal (CYWAR) changed my thoughts towards hacking skills and techniques completely. I solved as many tasks as I could. Each time it gave me something new to learn, which helped me improve my hacking skills.”

Leela Sainadh Gade talks about his experience during Phase 3 (the final and most intensive phase of the Master Certificate in Cyber Security Red Team). On her blog, he writes, “I can’t summarize this phase of the course so simply, as I have learned many things from my instructors. It was not just a matter of a certificate for me. This is my only path of life.” He also adds, “Our faculty, Mr. Swaroop induced hacker’s mindset by showing practical and real-life scenarios of almost every theory and practical concept we learned. ‘Thank you’ won’t be enough to show my gratitude towards everyone who helped me shape me.”

“I highly recommend it for anyone willing to jump into the cyber security field. All instructors are highly qualified and sociable. Even someone new in the cyber security field can easily capture things and perform well with the way lessons are taught here.”

– Rajib Kumar Bardhan, Intern at Cyber Sapiens United LLP


One of the significant aspects of the Master Certificate in Cyber Security is that it is a Guaranteed Placement program (upon successful completion). This feature prepares students with soft skills and other career services so that they can land their dream job.

Deepak Kumar, a cyber security enthusiast, shares his take on the career services and writes, “We also had mock interviews for practice after completing the course. The interviews were designed and conducted alike security interviews. It was the first interview of my life and this helped me understand how interviews are done and what kind of questions are asked in the industry. After the interview, I also got feedback from the Interviewee, which helped me understand my strong and weak points.”

Writing about his feeling upon successful completion of the program, Deepak states, “After 180 days of learning various technicalities of cyber security, I have finally found my goals. Learning with  Jigsaw Academy enabled me to pursue my dream of cracking the OSCP exam, which will, in turn, help me make a better life for myself,” he adds towards the end of his article.

“I am very much satisfied with the program and recommend it to people who want to build their career in cyber space.”

– Varun Gowda

Kaavyaa, talks about her experience with the placements during the course, “On the completion of the course, the coronavirus pandemic arose. We were all in a hurry to come back to our homes. Since everything was under lockdown, our placements got stalled for some time. I started practicing machines for OSCP, and after a few months of waiting, I sat for an interview with the help of Jigsaw Academy’s team. After clearing three rounds of interview – online assessment, technical HR, and personal HR, I got a job with Sequretek. I am truly looking forward to starting work.”

We are immensely proud of all our learners and the faculty who withstood all the adversities and successfully finished their upskilling journey.

Are you also keen on making a difference and choosing a recession-proof career for yourself? Wondering what job roles you can take up after successfully completing the Master Certificate in Cyber Security? Check out our website to know which program would suit you the best!


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