COVID-19: 4 Technologies that’ll bounce back post lockdown scenario

2020, whatever shape it was going to take for each sector and the global economy, it has been put on the back seat. The outbreak of COVID19 pandemic has completely changed the course of everything this year. Between the immense efforts to quarantine and contain the spread of the disease, the almost nationwide lockdown, the near-freeze on global transportation and travel, and social distancing, there is only one news story in every media this year. But what will happen once the smoke clears up? What will be the post lockdown scenario?
Which technologies will bounce back after people start emerging from the self-imposed quarantine?

There is no denying to the fact that this coronavirus pandemic has already left a mark on society and the global economy. In the coming years, it will be considered as the pivot point in the way global economy functions. While it’s still too soon to state what the subsequent shakeup is going to favour, these are our best guesses at the technologies that will set trends and shape the economy in a post-coronavirus world.

1. Breakthrough moment of artificial intelligence (AI):

With social distancing, AI will become part of everyday life driven by the device ecosystem including Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. In the coming days, emotion recognition and computer vision will scale up and AI will have a breakthrough moment. More and more industries will start deploying AI in their operational process. Healthcare, Restaurant sectors being two of the sectors to move faster to AI than we may think.

2. Increase in demand for cloud computing:

Cloud computing will emerge as critical supporting infrastructure for this crisis and beyond. With a remote, locally established workforce, remote desktop technologies will be essential until locally conceived in-the-cloud applications can run more core businesses. Cloud storage capacity, especially from the upscale vendors like, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute, Oracle Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and IBM Cloud — is what is going to get us through this uncharted time.

3. Raise in the market for data science and business analytics:

With each passing day, as the data keep increasing, quantum computing will target the biggest problems in the industry, such as health care, F&B and energy. A raise in the businesses can be seen after the lockdown is lifted in the above-mentioned sectors. And to keep track of the trends and numbers and turn them into insights, more demand in data science and business analytics will be the requirement of the hour. Thus a sudden exponential growth in data science and business analytics can be seen in the post lockdown scenario.

4. A hike in the need for Cyber Security:

In a scenario where work from home seems to be the new normal, along with moving of official and confidential data into the cloud for easy remote accessibility, privacy concerns will be one of the utmost factors for the companies to look for. Thus, an increase in the demand for cybersecurity experts will be seen evidently.

For now, let us hold tight in the isolation of our homes, work remotely, and concentrate on our jobs in the front of extreme adversity. Let’s prepare ourselves for the future and keep upgrading our skills and stay relevant.

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