Tips To Ace An Interview In The Post-pandemic Work Culture


You do not need to get anxious about appearing for an interview in the post-pandemic work culture. Yes, the work environment has significantly changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. And once things return to normal, the race to find a better job will undoubtedly begin due to the evolving nature of work and the rising demand for upskilling courses. However, this article will help you out! 

Digitization has become the new standard. This can involve converting physical services to digital ones or switching from on-site to remote operations. We must adjust our abilities, and job search approaches to this change as the globe transitions to an online environment in response to the pandemic. This involves having to do co-op placements or attending virtual interviews with questions that highlight your digital skills to be considered for those roles. 

Video interviews have the potential to be tenser than phone interviews. Recruiters observe and read your body language on camera and assess your demeanor. You create lasting first impressions with this initial interaction. 

We’ve listed some important interview tips below to ease all this off a little. You should expect these inquiries at your upcoming virtual interview. We’ve also included responses showing how you can cope with the pandemic. 

How Have Virtual Interviews Revolutionized the Hiring Process? 

Before the pandemic, a lot of businesses only exceptionally turned to virtual job interviews. Face-to-face interviews were widely regarded as the norm. Nowadays, many organizations understand that virtual hiring is more effective and the way forward. Online job interviews provide for a rapid and efficient hiring process by saving time and money for both the company and the candidate.

According to interview method statistics, many companies have switched to conducting virtual interviews in response to COVID-19 and social-distancing recommendations. 74% of recruiters say video interviews have made it easier to interview and shortlist prospects. 

Telephonic Interviews and Tips to Ace Telephonic Virtual Interviews 

It’s crucial to be ready for a phone interview at a moment’s notice if you’re looking for work. Many organizations begin the interview process with a phone conversation to discuss the job offer with a potential employee, ascertain whether the candidate is a good fit, and assess their interest in the position. A phone interview can be the only interview you receive in some circumstances. 

Your interview will frequently be organized in advance by phone or email. In others, you might get a call out of the blue asking if you’re available to talk about the job. 

Why do Businesses Conduct Phone Interviews? 

Employers identify and recruit candidates for jobs by conducting phone interviews. Candidates are frequently screened via phone interviews to reduce the number of applicants who will receive invitations for in-person interviews. A phone call is a simple, low-effort approach to quickly assess a candidate’s suitability. They are also employed to reduce the price of conducting interviews with candidates from outside the area. A phone interview can be the sole choice for remote positions. 

How To Prepare for a Phone Interview? 

Review these phone interview strategies and suggestions before you call in for a job interview so you can master the call and move on to the next stage. 

Do Your Research 

Review the job description and spend some time researching the company if you have notice of the interview in advance. 

Create a Keynotes Sheet 

Just like you would for a typical in-person interview, get ready for a phone interview. Together with a list of responses to common phone interview questions, compile a list of your strengths and limitations. Additionally, have a list of inquiries prepared for the interviewer. 

In a phone discussion, you should be at ease and prepared to boldly convey your experience and skills. Keep a copy of your resume close at hand so you can consult it while being interviewed. Additionally, keep a copy of the job description and, if you sent one, a copy of your cover letter. 

Listen Up and Be Responsive 

To demonstrate why you are a solid contender for the position, take the time to match your qualifications to the job description. Additionally, review your resume. Be aware of the times you held each of your prior positions as well as the duties you were responsible for. 

Video Interviews and Tips to Ace Video Virtual Interviews 

There’s no denying that for many job searchers, the interview is the step that gives them the most anxiety. But what if you could accomplish this while relaxing at your home? Virtual interviews are the way forward, according to many employers. Whether you live far away or need to conduct an interview in the post-pandemic phase remotely for another reason, video conferencing is a simple solution that many businesses use when meeting candidates “face to face.”  

While some tried-and-true techniques for establishing a good impression, like providing a firm handshake, are not permitted in video interviews, there are still numerous ways to impress your potential boss from behind a screen. Just adhere to the advice to prepare for and improve your abilities for video interviews. Presenting tips to ace an interview in the post-pandemic work culture India below: 

1. Test Your Devices
Check this list when you are getting ready on the day of your interview: 

  • Make sure your webcam is operational. 
  • Make sure the audio is functioning. 
  • Any open windows, tabs, or programs on your computer should be closed. 
  • Make sure you are not downloading anything in the background by checking your internet connection. 
  • Your phone should be quiet. 
  • Verify that there is a clean, neutral background behind you. 
  • Adjust the room’s lighting. You could wish to bring in an additional desk lamp to brighten the area if it seems dark or dull. 
  • Fixing issues with your video interview

There is always a danger that something could go wrong with technology. Here are some contingency strategies to have on hand. 

If Your Audio or Video Breaks 

Before the interview, request the interviewer’s cell phone number to contact them if you encounter any technical issues. Call them at that number if the video becomes unwatchable. Ask if you can reschedule or if you can continue the interview over the phone. 

If Background Noise Ruins the Conversation 

If outside disturbances (such as sirens, construction, etc.) interfere with your video interview, apologize and ask for a little extra time until the noise stops. You might want to muffle the microphone if the noise is too loud. 

If an Unexpected Visitor Enters the Space 

You should apologize to the interviewer, ask for a few minutes, mute your microphone, turn off your camera, and then leave the room to deal with the interruption if family members, housemates, or pets walk in during the interview. Before starting the interview again, make sure your room is noise-and-distraction-free. 

2. Dress up Professionally!
At the very least, ensure that you appear polished and professional. Thanks to the wonders of video calls, nobody will notice if you’re wearing sweatpants with your Oxford shirt and tie! Think about wearing a button-up shirt or blouse, and be sure to groom with the same consideration you would for a face-to-face encounter. Wearing outfits that make you feel confident will not only help you create a great impression on your interviewer but will also help you stay focused.

3. Be Conscious of Your Body Language 

To help you remember to look directly into your webcam throughout the call, you might want to place some googly eyes next to it. Doing this makes you look to be making eye contact rather than idly glancing at your device. When trying to connect with your interviewer, maintaining eye contact—even via a laptop—helps build a sense of sincere connection and concentration when trying to connect with your interviewer. Keep a positive attitude and upbeat body language throughout the interview. Posture is one thing that can help you do this. Straighten your back and keep your shoulders open while you sit in the chair. Arms can be on the desk or your lap, while feet can be flat on the ground. When you are listening, show that you are paying attention by nodding and grinning as needed. When it feels right, use hand motions, and keep your movements close to your body. Don’t move around or allow your eyes to wander from the device. 

4. Practice Your Answers and Prepare 

If appropriate, be ready to show your interviewer your portfolio or examples of your work. Have some open tabs at the ready, and be willing to share your screen if the topic arises. Bring questions you’d like to ask the interviewer with you as well. It demonstrates initiative and sincere curiosity. Make sure you convey your attention by utilizing the appropriate facial expressions, voice tone, and words. Keep your responses brief. Most of your responses to online interviews shouldn’t last more than a minute or two at a time. The interviewer can always ask any further questions. 

5. Set the Stage 

Don’t “ghost” your interviewer after the call has ended. To guarantee that you answer recruiter communications promptly, download the Handshake app. You should also check your email at least twice a day to stay up to date on any outreach or next steps that may arrive there. If you keep these pointers in mind, you will have everything you need to ace your video interview. All that’s left to do is locate the ideal opportunity. 


Although COVID-19 has adversely affected everyone’s lives worldwide, it’s also critical to acknowledge how these challenging circumstances have helped us develop crucial abilities. You may confidently connect with the employer and reflect on your progress and development by utilizing positive language and an upbeat attitude in your interview. Skill development is one of the benefits of adjusting to any circumstances. If you want a well-accredited degree virtually for cutting-edge job opportunities, do visit UNext Jigsaw for its Data Science online course, Project Management, and others. We hope our tips to ace an interview in India’s post-pandemic work culture will help you land a virtual job. 


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