Important Cloud Engineer Interview Questions For 2021


IT practitioners specializing in the area of cloud engineering are cloud engineers. To safely store data and operate software for enterprises, they build, manage, and support cloud infrastructures. The most fitting applicant would have a comprehensive professional understanding of cloud computing activities and good troubleshooting experience when interviewing Cloud Engineers. Be cautious of applicants with poor skills in client management. In this article, we will learn about cloud engineer interview questions, cloud support engineer interview questions, cloud interview questions, and cloud security engineer interview questions.

Cloud engineer interview questions

What are the implications of making use of cloud computing?

The results of the use of cloud computing are

  • Data Backup and Data Storage
  • Strong capacities of servers
  • From SaaS ( Software as a service)
  • Sandboxing features in Information Technology
  • Productivity Rise
  • Cost-Efficient & Saving Time

What is computing in the cloud?

Cloud computing is a new era of information technologies focused on the Internet. It is the next level of cloud infrastructure that delivers the resources anytime and whenever the customer wants them. It provides a means to reach various servers worldwide.

What is Cloud Privacy?

To keep strategic operations and other purposes safe, private clouds are used. It is a complete, completely operating network that can be owned, managed, and limited only to a company or sector. Owing to security issues, most organizations have now switched to private clouds for a day. Digital private clouds run by a hosting firm are included.

What are the Clouds of Hybrids?

The blend of public clouds and private clouds are hybrid clouds. It is favoured over all clouds because it implements the most rigorous approach to cloud infrastructure deployment. It contains the attributes and qualities of both worlds. This encourages companies to build their own cloud and helps them to grant someone else access as well.

What is the differential between elasticity and scalability?

Scalability is a cloud storage feature used to manage the growing workload by increasing resource resources in proportion. The architecture offers on-demand services through the use of scalability if the need is posed by traffic. Elasticity, on the other hand, is a function that dynamically offers the principle of commissioning and decommissioning of vast amounts of resource power. It is determined by the speed at which the services on demand arrive and the utilization of the resources.

List the multiple layers that characterize cloud architecture?

The multiple layers that cloud infrastructure uses are

  • Cloud Controller, CLC or
  • Walrus Walrus
  • Controller Cluster
  • SC or Controller of Storage
  • NC or Controller Node

Explain what the cloud computing use of ‘EUCALYPTUS’ is?

‘Eucalyptus’ is an open-source distributed computing software infrastructure that is used to install clusters on a cloud computing network. It is used to create clouds that are public, hybrid, and private. It has the potential to create a private cloud for your own data centre and enables several other organizations to use its features.

What are the security rules that are enforced to protect cloud data?

The security regulations that are applied in the cloud to protect data are:

  • Processing: Monitoring of the data that is correctly and fully processed in an application
  • File: Handles and manages the corrupted data in any of the directories
  • Output reconciliation: It governs the information that must be reconciled from input to output
  • Input Validation: Input Data Management
  • Security and Backup: It offers security and backup as well as monitors logs for security violations

What are the services that are offered by the infrastructure as a service?

Digital and physical services that are used to create a cloud are supported by IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service). The dynamics of the implementation and management of the resources offered by this layer are dealt with. Here, servers, computing, and other hardware systems are the networks.

What are the aspects of cloud architecture that distinguish it from standard architecture?

The features that make cloud architecture superior to conventional architecture are

  • The hardware requirement is given according to the request cloud architecture.
  • The cloud infrastructure is capable of scaling on-demand services.
  • The cloud design is capable of processing and controlling complex workloads without loss.


In today’s world, connectivity has progressed so far through leaps and bounds that we can talk to each other in a matter of seconds, sitting in various parts of the world. The wealth of data is no longer confined to bulky books and archives. Regardless of the subject or theme of interest, at your fingertips, accurate information is available.

The success of the interview makes the interviewer settle on a cloud engineer’s wage in India. So, how you handle the interview specifically affects your CTC. Interview questions on cloud computing are not exhaustive, but they will familiarize you with the core principles of cloud technologies and help you prepare for an interview.

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