Best Tools Of Time Management In 2021

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“Time and tide wait for none” is a reality, and so the value of how we spend each moment also needs to be well taken care of. Every individual, right from the time one steps into his education, needs to manage time and work accordingly. This is necessary for prioritizing urgent work, keeping track of the task, spot challenges, and finding out the solutions. This should be done to avoid mismanagement of time and getting your work done smoothly.

In this article let us look at:

  1. What is Time Management?
  2. What kind of tools is the best fit for Time Management?
  3. 5 Best Tools of Time Management to Increase Productivity
  4. 5 Best Examples of Tools of Time Management and Techniques

1) What is Time Management? 

Time Management means planning, organizing, controlling and managing the time between specific activities so that you can work smarter and get better results. This helps in getting work done in lesser time and does not cause much pressure and stress in high times. One can adapt to manage time well by using tools of time management.

2) What kind of tools is the best fit for Time Management?

To get things done, it is necessary to get time management tools and techniques right. A few of the several alternatives available, ones that have the following, are pretty good.

  • Easy Usage– Find a tool that is self-explanatory and doesn’t take much of your time to get started and used. Nothing can be more important than finding the correct tool which is easy and convenient to use.
  • Flexible– A good tool should be dynamic and should allow the users to have all-in-one functions readily available for better usage. Users should be able to add their time management and track the same. 
  • Comprehensive– A good time management tool should provide the different users involved in an activity to effectively communicate for getting their job done easily. 

3) 5 Best tools of time management to Increase Productivity

While many of you must be wondering what are the tools of time management, let’s take a look at the 5 best types of time management tools for increasing productivity.

  • Pocket

How unstable our mind is when it comes to being distracted easily. A notification pops up, and we leave our work and start browsing the same, and our important work is left unfinished. This app called ‘Pocket’ helps to save your content link as a bookmark and read them later at a convenient time after you’ve finished your work. This highly helps to avoid getting distracted and negatively impacting our immediate work.

  • Forest

The concept of this app is very unique. It helps you to stay focused and on track. The unique concept lays that when you want to stay focused, plant a tree virtually. If you continue to stay concentrated, the tree will grow. However, if you lose focus, the tree will die. By this, you can grow multiple trees that will eventually turn into a forest by being one of the best tools of time management.

  • Evernote

Evernote is a free productivity tool on mobile and laptop that acts as a storehouse of all thoughts, ideas, audio, videos, recording of meetings, interviews, text attachments, and you can share them later on. The best part of this application is that you have a choice of how to view it. You can also set reminders in case you tend to forget. It also offers you to present a presentation.

  • 1Password

While the world is on the internet, every time you open a new account on any social media website or apps, you have to set passwords. The number of passwords that you may have set is uncountable, and hence this is a great tool for letting you store all your passwords in an encrypted manner in a secret lock. You can use it when you want to retrieve your password. A very useful feature is that it allows you to set different passwords for various accounts so that you don’t compromise on security.

  • Trello

This is one of the best tools for time management. You can create cards for your tasks, and each card is moved to the Trello board and is divided into different columns like ToDo, In Progress and Completed. This helps you to keep track of the stage where your task is in the moment.

4) 5 Best Examples of Tools of Time Management and Techniques

From several examples of tools of time management, the best 5 examples are as follows:

  • Prioritize Tasks

One of the best advantages of Tools of Time Management is to set priority to urgent and important tasks. This will help in accomplishing timelines more productively.

  • A To-Do List

This list will help you get an idea of the activities to be completed, which will help increase productivity, and you will feel a sense of accomplishment once you have ticks against the activities accomplished.

  • Digital Detoxification

While the number of people working on digital platforms is increasing, causing physical and mental health to suffer, it becomes quite essential to take a break from it as it causes many issues like eye strain, cerebral pains and many more.

  • Take breaks

Taking a break is essential for increasing productivity. One example is by using the Pomodoro technique.

  • Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination can be very problematic, and hence working harder should be the goal instead of delaying it.


From the above, you may have gained a fair idea for managing time and increasing productivity with the use of various time management tools. Choose any of the tools of time management according to your convenience and get ready to work better.

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