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Even before the coronavirus pandemic, organizations had started adopting Data & Business Analytics to cope with the changing nature of business models. With the ongoing pandemic situation, it has become imperative for organizations to adapt to a more data-driven business approach and modify strategies to survive and come out victorious. Business Analytics is one such domain that has become the need of the hour. It helps in gaining powerful customer insights that can help build user-centric products and enable the improvement of business models to achieve optimum profit. Hence, there’s a rise in demand for professionals with strong Business Analytics skills. However, there’s a huge demand-supply gap. Upskilling in Business Analytics helps close this demand gap and offers professionals desired career growth.

In today’s data-driven world, Business Analytics skills are crucial and high in demand. Upskilling in Business Analytics will enhance learners’ skill sets and help them climb up the career ladder. Professionals and fresh graduates are beginning to realize the importance of upskilling in Business Analytics to stay relevant according to the changing nature of work roles and business processes. Business Analytics is one domain that offers lucrative opportunities to every professional, regardless of their academic or professional background. From freshers with one or less than one year of experience, mid-career level professionals to executives, upskilling in Business Analytics opens new career dimensions for all.

Anubhav Mishra comes with 13+ years of experience working in the IT industry. After pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Anubhav started his career as a QA Engineer at Exëvo. At present, he is working as a Team Lead at RWS Moravia. When it came to upgrading his skill sets in emerging technologies, Anubhav chose to upskill in Business Analytics with our 10-month-long online Integrated Program In Business Analytics (IPBA).

In this conversation with Anubhav, he shares his thoughts about our 10-month Integrated Program in Business Analytics.

1. What made you consider the Business Analytics domain for upskilling?

The Business Analytics domain is very fascinating. It is a very promising domain that equips learners with different tools and techniques to play with data and learn something new every day. Talking about career prospects, Business Analytics is one of the best domains to make a career in today’s job landscape. After working in the industry for 13+ years, I chose this field for upskilling because I felt the need for a boost in my professional journey.

2. What are the highlights of your upskilling journey with us?

My upskilling journey was excellent. I started as a novice, but after working on the elaborate & hands-on capstone project, I can see my progress. This program has helped me move out of my comfort zone and learn several important tools like SQL, Python, R, and Tableau, to name a few.

Anubhav Mishra – Team Lead at RWS Moravia

3. Would you recommend the IPBA to your friends? Why?

Yes, I would recommend the IPBA course to everyone, especially mid-career professionals and professionals in leadership roles. The skills developed through this program will help them become data-smart, and they will be able to leverage these useful tools and techniques in decision-making and driving business goals.

4. Keeping the current market needs in mind, how relevant do you think our Future Leaders program (IPBA) is?

I’m happy with the exhaustive course curriculum. From Statistics, SQL, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing to BigData, Tableau, and more, all the topics are taught really well. The comprehensive course structure is well-defined, keeping the current industry needs in mind. I also think it would be nice to introduce SAS and SPSS as well in this well-thought-out curriculum.

5. How was your experience with online live classes by IIM-I faculty?

I really had a great time. IIM Indore faculty is excellent when it comes to subject knowledge and expertise. They teach each topic in such an elaborate way that the learners hardly feel the need to ask any question. We are provided with video lectures as well, which comes in handy for revisions. There is no comparison to the IPBA’s curriculum and teaching methodology!

6. How has IPBA helped you enhance your skills and grow in your professional journey?

The IPBA has helped me immensely in giving my career a new direction. I am an IT professional who is starting in the analytics domain. IIM Indore’s IPBA has helped me understand the concepts and develop core competencies in Business Analytics. I’m delighted that I got to learn from the best minds. I’m positive that the industry-relevant skills developed in these last 10 months will prove beneficial in the long run.

7. Why did you choose the Integrated Program in Business Analytics with IIM-I & Jigsaw Academy?

Since I am from Indore, I started looking for upskilling programs in Indore only. I stumbled upon the Integrated Program In Business Analytics (IPBA) with IIM-I & Jigsaw Academy during my research. I found the course curriculum very well-structured. This program allowed me to become an IIM Indore alumni and benefit from their vast network, which was another added advantage.

Business Analytics is one of the most promising careers at present. It offers an ocean of lucrative opportunities for skilled professionals. Like Anubhav, you can also enhance your skill sets in Business Analytics and become a Future Leader. To know more about the 10-month-long Integrated Program In Business Analytics (IPBA), check out our website.

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