Anuj Makes A Smart Move By Kick-Starting His Career with our Future Leaders Program!

Business models are changing swiftly, and organizations are becoming more data-driven than ever, adopting data and analytics in their new business strategies to thrive and achieve their business goals. Business Analytics has become the need of the hour to take smarter and better business decisions and it has found its way into essential business operations, as it plays a pivotal role in improving products and business models with the help of crucial consumer & business insights.

The ongoing pandemic has made it challenging for freshers with less or no industry experience to land the desired job role. Business Analytics has an ocean of opportunities for every data lover out there. The domain offers lucrative careers to mid-level professionals and freshers alike. There are more than 8,000 open jobs for Business Analysts only on LinkedIn. An entry-level Business Analyst with less than a year to 1-year experience earns an average salary between INR 3 lakhs to INR 5 lakhs annually.

The key to building a successful career in any industry is by continuously learning. Regardless of the industry, upskilling in Business Analytics helps learners and professionals in staying relevant as per the current job market demands and in getting an upper hand in the competition. Upskilling in this domain also opens several doors of opportunities for freshers, who are looking at kick-starting their careers towards becoming a Future Leader.

Anuj Verma chose UNext Jigsaw as a learning partner in his upskilling journey with our 10-month-long online Integrated Program in Business Analytics (IPBA). For this Future Leaders Program, UNext Jigsaw has collaborated with one of India’s Premier Business Schools, the Indian Institute of Management, Indore (IIM Indore). It is designed for learners who seek a career transformation and want to see themselves in leadership roles in the near future.

Anuj started his upskilling journey in Business Analytics after finishing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics. He got his break in the corporate world as a Virtual Intern – Data Analyst Consulting at KPMG Australia after completing the Integrated Program in Business Analytics with us.

We spoke to Anuj about his learning experience with UNext Jigsaw upon completion of the program. Let’s hear what he has to say about our Future Leaders Program.

1. What made you consider upskilling in the Business Analytics domain?

The Business Analytics industry is piping hot with job opportunities. It is “the future” as most prominent brands are switching from traditional methods to a data-driven approach to find insights that can help them solve their business problems. I chose to upskill in Business Analytics just after my graduation for the same reason. I was determined to enter this domain which is filled with lucrative career opportunities.

2. Describe the highlights of your upskilling journey with us?

I come from a non-technical background, and everything I learned in this program helped me expand my skill sets as per today’s industry requirements. Specifically, I gained a good command over Python and SQL because of the comprehensive curriculum of the Integrated Program In Business Analytics (IPBA).

, Anuj Makes A Smart Move By Kick-Starting His Career with our Future Leaders Program!
Anuj Verma
Virtual Intern – Data Analyst Consulting at KPMG Australia

3. Would you recommend IPBA to your friends? Why?

Yes, I would recommend IPBA to my friends. Firstly, everyone should leverage the ‘IIM Indore’ brand value and a chance to become an IIM Indore alumnus. Not only this, but the program helped me build a strong network with industry experts. This is not any regular academic course; the IPBA offers an overall personality development and technical growth to its learners. If anyone wishes to become an expert in Business Analytics and to be well-versed with the industry-demanded skill sets, the Integrated Program in Business Analytics, in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Management, Indore, is the perfect upskilling resource.

4. How relevant is our Future Leaders program/IPBA keeping the current market needs in mind?

Everything taught in this program is very relevant to today’s industry needs. It covers the most in-demand skills that a fresher and a professional must possess as per industry standards. All skills are being taught by expert faculty and subject matter experts, keeping the market’s current and future needs in mind.

5. How was your experience with the online live classes by IIM-I faculty?

The online live classes with expert faculty from IIM Indore were seamless. I would rate it a 10/10! Everything was taught in an outstanding manner with professional conduct. Classes, projects and assignments were properly scheduled. All the assignments were well balanced and the Capstone Project helped me immensely in exponentially boosting my learning curve.

6. How has the IPBA helped you grow/transition in your professional journey?

The IPBA provided me with everything that I was looking for in an upskilling program. It helped me in technical skill development as well as personality development. I am now a part of a huge network, and it has benefited me immensely post the completion of the program. I’m sure the learnings and connections gained during the program will be beneficial for my future career path as well.

7. Why did you choose the Integrated Program in Business Analytics with IIM-I & UNext Jigsaw?

I chose this program because they are the best in the market when it comes to Data Science and Analytics. There was hardly any other program that could offer me such benefits, paired with an excellent upskilling curriculum. There was no other match for the offerings and the level of knowledge that they delivered to us.

We are very delighted to know that Anuj had a good learning experience with our Integrated Program in Business Analytics. Like Anuj, if you’re someone who loves Data and wants to become a Future Leader, our program is sure to help you.
The curriculum of the Integrated Program in Business Analytics is designed and directed by expert faculty from IIM Indore and SMEs from Jigsaw Academy. If you are interested to know more about our Integrated Program in Business Analytics for Future Leaders, check out our website.

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