Bharat’s Inspirational Journey From A Mobile Test Engineer To An OSCP-Certified Cyber Security Professional!

With the rise in technology, our present world revolves around the power of the Internet. Modern resources have made it easier for businesses to conduct every operation online, from storing data to processing payments online. However, in recent times, almost every industry has fallen prey to numerous cyber attacks. Consequently, companies have started taking Cyber Security seriously. The ‘2020 Cybersecurity Workforce Study’ tells us there is a current global workforce demand for 3.12 million professionals in the industry – making it an appealing career option for interested individuals.

The Cyber Security domain is riveting and enthralling for many enthusiasts. However, sometimes, they are unable to find the appropriate guidance and resources to flourish in the field professionally. Bharat Dangwal, a learner of our 600-hour-long online Master Certificate in Cyber Security (Red Team), is one such enthusiast. 

After completing his college education, Mr.Dangwal was still unsure about working towards achieving his dream job. He initially pursued Mobile Test Engineering and dedicated more than 8 years to this career. Somewhere, Bharat always knew that his future in Cyber Security was meant to be. So, he decided to make a career transition in the Cyber Security domain and finally discovered HackerU, Israel & Jigsaw Academy’s Master Certificate in Cyber Security (Red Team). 

A certified OSCP professional, Bharat presently works as an Associate Analyst at NetEnrich, Inc. Let’s hear about the professional journey from Bharat Dangwal himself, as he opens up about his successful career-transition in a chat with our team.

1. What motivated you to kickstart a career in the Cyber Security domain?

The Cyber Security domain always seemed intriguing to me. However, I was unable to find proper guidance and mentorship when I completed my college education. Paying no heed to my true passion, I took up an opportunity to build a career in Mobile Testing. Even after dedicating over 8 years to the field, I was not very happy. It was not what I wanted to do professionally. With time, I realized that Cyber Security was my true calling. Luckily, I discovered Jigsaw Academy’s Master Certificate in Cyber Security (Red Team), and since then, there is no turning back!

, Bharat’s Inspirational Journey From A Mobile Test Engineer To An OSCP-Certified Cyber Security Professional!
Bharat Dangwal – Associate Analyst at NetEnrich Inc

2. What are the highlights of your upskilling experience with the Master Certificate in Cyber Security (Red Team)?

Initially, driven by my passion, I carried out numerous researches and tried studying by myself. Yet, it was difficult for me to go on without appropriate direction and mentorship. With the Master Certificate in Cyber Security (Red Team), my journey was much more manageable and goal-oriented. As the program progressed, I realized that my future in Cyber Security was meant to be. I solved Cywar challenges efficiently and preceded my class-competitors. I felt the kind of satisfaction that I had never felt in my previous 8-year-long career.

, Bharat’s Inspirational Journey From A Mobile Test Engineer To An OSCP-Certified Cyber Security Professional!

3. How relevant is our program, keeping the current industry needs in mind?

To say it is highly relevant to the present industry trends would be an understatement. The program delivers precisely what it promises, maybe more. In a short period, I developed skills like Offensive Hacking, Threat Hunting & Reverse Engineering. 

4. How was your experience with the online sessions and expert faculty at HackerU?

Swaroop Yermalkar, Azaz Ahmed Dobiwala, Yogendra Swaroop Srivastava, and other faculty members mentored us throughout the program and guided us in every aspect, even during online sessions. Their quality of educational resources clearly reflected why HackerU leads as a global provider of Cyber Security training and services. 

5. Could you tell us something about your experience with the OSCP exam?

The 600-hour-long program prepared us for the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) exam by giving relevant study material and training. It is the most challenging exam for Penetration Testers. Thus, it can seem intimidating at first. Consequently, I invested a few months in gaining a deeper understanding and experience in the multiple concepts and techniques taught to us. I could see the results for myself and successfully achieved my OSCP certificate.

Bharat Dangwal’s story is an inspiring one. He believed in himself and did not give up on his passion. With the help of Jigsaw Academy’s & HackerU’s proper mentorship provided by domain experts and esteemed faculty (from Israel and India) in the Master Certificate in Cyber Security (Red Team), he successfully turned his dream into reality! If you also believe a career in Cyber Security to be your calling, enroll in our 600-hour-long extensive online program, and become a successful Cyber Security Specialist!

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