IIM Indore’s Business Analytics Program May Work Wonders For You

Success is never an overnight miracle or a one-person achievement. Under the right mentorship, a dedicated and hard-working individual can certainly reach even the highest peak of success.

For analytics-driven individuals like you, who have an undying passion for Business Analytics, it is important to enroll in an upskilling program that understands your requirements and helps you unleash your highest potential. Many such Business Analytics enthusiasts have found the Integrated Program in Business Analytics to be the right upskilling tool for themselves.

Ranked #1 among the top Part-time PG Programmes in India, this Future Leaders Program has garnered a lot of praise from learners. Let’s read a few genuine reviews to understand why is this comprehensive course so well-received by students!

Rahul Anand, Senior Software Engineer – Big Data at SLK, says, “It does not matter if you are fresher or someone with over 15 years of experience. This program is truly meant for all. Eventually, this program will help you gain complete knowledge of different tools and methods to implement during project execution. Personally, it helped me a lot.”

“We interacted with a wide range of domain experts and business leaders during this course. They took regular feedback from students and tried to improvise as per our needs. Most importantly, this program is offered by the revered IIM Indore! The name speaks for itself.”

Rahul has shared his sincere thoughts in a more detailed fashion on Quora. To read the whole post, click here.

Bhaskar Manoj says, “The learning resources provided by Jigsaw Academy and IIM Indore were more than enough to get a good understanding of the subject. Despite their expertise in the matter, the faculty members ensured that students understood the most fundamental topics during lectures. The whole structure of the course has been designed in such a way that even people from Non-CSE background don’t face many difficulties in learning to code. The Integrated Program in Business Analytics is indeed worth the money and time that one invests in it.”

Bhaskar has shared more of his thoughts on this program on a Quora post. You can read it here.

Shubham Gupta, an executive member of the Alumni Committee, IIM Nagpur, says, “We live in a data-driven world, and it is necessary to keep ourselves updated with the latest technologies and understand the working of each technology. This course has been designed while keeping this in mind. We got access to the knowledge base of highly distinguished professors and improved our own understanding of numerous topics.” 

Lastly, he adds, “The course was rigorous, and we learned a plethora of technologies over a period of ten months. Through this course, we could understand multiple important concepts. The professors explained the concepts so lucidly that we never forgot about them to this date. Also, the professors at IIM Indore have studied from ISI Kolkata, which means they can provide an in-depth understanding of the mathematics behind ML models.”

Shubham has shared his insights on this program through a Quora post. To read the post, click here.

Finally, to learn more about the 10-month online Integrated Program in Business Analytics, click here.

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