Lead The Way In Business Analytics With IIM Indore & UNext

For individuals with an undying passion for Business Analytics but no proper path to follow, we have some useful information for you!

The Integrated Program in Business Analytics is a program that aims at liberating the leader in you and transforming you into an adept Business Analytics professional in just 10 months! Don’t believe us? Let’s hear it from the learners themselves!

Sometimes, we need a little help at unleashing our true potential. For many Business Analytics enthusiasts, IIM Indore’s & UNext Integrated Program in Business Analytics has offered the helping hand that made their journey worthwhile and fruitful.

Surupa Chakravarty, a learner of this Future Leaders Program, says, “The course started with an orientation program in which the IIM and the UNext faculties interacted with the students in the orientation program. It covered Descriptive & Inferential Statistics, Statistics Model Applications, Data Analysis with Excel, Python, R, MySQL, Machine Learning, Visualization using Tableau and other tools. All the faculty members take a detailed session on each topic. I found this program to be quite impactful as it embedded the foundations of different Business Analytics concepts”.

Discussing the benefits of the Jigsaw Academy Learning Center (JLC) portal, she continues, “Apart from classes, we also had 24*7 access to the online JLC portal containing online recordings. I found the portal and the study materials to be of great use as they offered in-depth knowledge. The portal provided additional benefit to the students”.

Surupa has also uploaded a Quora post to share her detailed insights on this robust program. To read the whole post, click here.

Another learner, Pratyaksh Sharma, says he found this course to be quite relevant and trustworthy. Discussing how the placement committee functions, he remarks, “A few students are selected as committee members. The placement committee then receives guidance from both institutes, and the same gets translated to us as well.”

“The faculty at IIM Indore & UNext, the Program Managers, and all other team members always provided us with a lot of support from their end,” says a content Pratyaksh. “This course can be proved as an investment for the future depending upon how you take advantage of it,” he appends. Pratyaksh has also dropped a Quora post about our Future Leaders program. You can read it by clicking here.

So, do you plan to climb the ladder to success while your competitors take the elevator? Or, do you plan to stay ahead of the curve with the Integrated Program in Business Analytics – An online 10-month course that offers you a unique chance to become a member of the vast IIM Indore Alumni network! Want to learn more about this rewarding program? Click here.

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