Neha’s Upskilling Journey With People Analytics and Digital HR After A Career Break!

Aritri Mukherjee

In today’s business world, it’s necessary to upskill and enhance our skill sets with the changing market needs. In this fast-paced professional ecosystem, joining a workforce after an employment gap can be daunting for anyone. Many professionals who join an organization after a career break fear that their skills might not be relevant to the current requirements or that they might not be able to keep up with the new changes. The best way forward for such professionals is to invest in upskilling.

The Human Resource department is the backbone of every organization. With the ongoing pandemic reshaping business models and strategies, organizations are looking for professionals with proficient People Analytics and Digital HR skills to join their teams and help their workforce adapt to the new normal. Upskilling in People Analytics offers a golden opportunity for aspiring and current HR professionals to close the demand gap, upgrade their knowledge, skill sets, and achieve unprecedented career growth.

Neha Patangia moved to the USA and took a career break of 5 years. As a single parent, raising her kid, she decided to move back to India and switch her profession by making a jump from the IT sector to the HR domain. 

Neha opted for Jigsaw Academy’s 3-month online People Analytics and Digital HR program, in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Management, Indore. This upskilling course is designed for current HR professionals who seek to become experts in Digital HR and develop an understanding of People Analytics.

, Neha’s Upskilling Journey With People Analytics and Digital HR After A Career Break!
Neha Patangia – HR Professional

“Initially, the transition from the IT sector to an HR domain was difficult but the program’s comprehensive curriculum helped me gain insight into the industry norms and model. It has helped me apply tactical plans and HR Analytics tools to manage the workforce in my current position.”      

–Neha Patangia

After completing the program, we spoke with Neha about her upskilling journey with Jigsaw Academy and the transformation this program has brought in her career. Let’s hear her thoughts about the whole experience!

1. What made you choose the People Analytics & Digital HR domain for upskilling?

Human Resources is the key to the growth and development of all industries, and I believe that people and communications skills are some of my key strengths. When it was time to choose a new career direction, I chose People Analytics and HR domain as I thought it would be useful to work in an environment that aligns with my interests and strengths. 

2. Please share the highlights of your upskilling experience.

The People Analytics and Digital HR program comprises a comprehensive curriculum that teaches industry-relevant tools like Python and Tableau, which are considered the hotcakes of the current industry scenario. Most importantly, the exposure and support from IIM Indore’s and Jigsaw Academy’s renowned faculty members are excellent.

3. How relevant is the program, keeping in mind the current trends in the industry?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the business models became dysfunctional. This joint program by IIM Indore and Jigsaw Academy teaches learners Analytics and Digital HR tools to help them make smarter decisions for seamless utilization of available resources. The program applies analytic processes to an organization’s Human Resource department to improve employee skills and retain performance.

4. How would you describe your experience with the online live classes by IIM-I faculty and Industry Experts?

The way Jigsaw Academy, in collaboration with IIM Indore, approaches the program is noteworthy. It offers an excellent mix of expertise through expert faculty from IIM Indore and Jigsaw Academy. They are incredibly professional in their methods. The Jigsaw Academy support team was also very understanding and encouraging throughout the program, which made my experience unique and fulfilling.

5. Did you find the content and curriculum of the People Analytics & Digital HR program helpful?

The curriculum is ideal for any HR practitioner, and the quality of knowledge shared by the expert faculty is quite dynamic, which is the goal of this certification. The comprehensive course covers all the essential skills of People Analytics and Digital HR in one program.

6. Would you recommend this program to your friends? If yes, why?

Yes, I would strongly recommend this program to anyone interested in playing the field, whether they have taken a career break or have decided to switch their profession. After successfully completing the program, I am glad to say that I have already received 2 job opportunities from renowned companies in the USA and India.

People Analytics and Digital HR program offers an ocean of opportunities to aspiring as well as current HR professionals. Like Neha, you may be enthusiastic about enhancing your HR skills or come from a diverse academic and professional background and look forward to transforming your career. Be assured that upskilling to People Analytics and Digital HR will open new doors of opportunities for you. If you are interested in learning the skills required to manage your workforce in this dynamic environment, check out our website.

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