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Choosing the right career program is extremely crucial for learners. The right upskilling program can introduce you to an ocean of opportunities, help you realize and polish your skills, boost your confidence, and enable you to awaken the leader inside you. For many aspiring Business Analysts like you, IIM Indore’s & Jigsaw Academy’s Integrated Program in Business Analytics proved to be the perfect upskilling program.

Let’s read a few student experiences to help you realize why this Future Leaders Program can be the stepping stone to your success.

Briefly discussing the program structure, Abhilasha Choudhary, Manager 2, Program Management Engineering at Western Digital, says, “We were informed by the Jigsaw team for the upcoming lectures well in advance and the content to read. The team provided pre-class short videos and downloadable learning material. The learning portal was quite intuitive and easily accessible 24X7. Apart from that, there were online classes recorded and uploaded within 24 hours. Additionally, all the codes and files used during classes by the faculty were also provided to us.”

Finally, she adds, “Overall, the program’s content and structure were enough to help us take a further step towards our dream-carrier.” Abhilasha has further shared a Quora post to guide interested individuals about the program. You can read it by clicking here.

Having over 15+ years of experience in top MNC banks and IT companies, Pradeep Kv had also decided to enroll in this comprehensive course and keep himself updated and relevant.

Putting forth his genuine thoughts and experience with the program, he says, “IPBA (Integrated Program in Business Analytics) is among the flagship training programs offered by Jigsaw Academy and IIM Indore. This program has been designed so that people from non-statistical or non-technical backgrounds can easily understand the concepts and implement them in real life. Speaking from experience, they explained all concepts with relevant examples and case studies for easy understanding, followed by lectures on statistical concepts and technical concepts in SQL, R, and Python. If we raised any concerns on understanding levels, Jigsaw Academy took extra sessions to help us understand the concepts in a better manner.”

Pradeep has also compiled his thoughts about the program in a Quora post. You can read the post here.

Another learner, Rajesh Shankaranarayana, says, “The comprehensive IPBA program covers CRISP-DM, Statistics, Python, R, and SQL & then it moves on to the interesting bits on Machine Learning, NLP, Text Mining, Big Data, etc. I got to work in groups for the case-study, which allowed me to reflect & cement the learnings. The experienced mentors always aided us with their meaningful inputs.”

Talking about the IIM Indore Library, he continues, “Access to the IIM Indore Library provided me with extensive information. While all the professors were very patient and helpful, Prof. Pritam & Jitendra were our ‘Tendulkar’ & ‘Sehwag.’ They aptly addressed our concerns & brought in new perspectives despite all the challenges caused by the pandemic. The Support Team at Jigsaw Academy is excellent. They were responsive, student-friendly & also addressed our concerns at the earliest.”

Rajesh has also shared a Quora post to share his views about this up-to-the-minute Business Analytics course. You can read it here.

Well, we hope these reviews helped you gain a deeper understanding of how IIM Indore’s & Jigsaw Academy’s Integrated Program in Business Analytics works. Oh! And did we mention this course offers you a unique opportunity to avail the IIM Indore Executive Alumni Status? If you’d like to know more about this 10-month online program, you can click here.

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