Strategic Sales Management Simplified: A Program That Provides You with Everything to Become a Market Sales Leader!

Until and unless one is purely vested in marketing or sales, not many would be able to ideally differentiate between them.  

Marketing is all about creating awareness or making a mark regarding the product/service being sold by an organization. There are several strategies involved in marketing, and most often than not, marketers tend to pull a lot of creative innovations to put their product on the map with the audience. On the other hand, sales is all about dealing directly with the customer and interacting with them to make them realize the importance of the organization’s product/service in their life. It’s mostly about creating a sense of need. At the bottom level, although the purpose of marketing and sales is the same, their approach, goal, target, and intentions are starkly different. 

UNext Jigsaw has been a market leader in imparting quality, quantity, and new-age industry knowledge for over a decade now. After observing the market for as long as we have, it was quite evident that umpteen programs offer in-depth knowledge of marketing and sales. However, there are barely any programs that cater exclusively to aspiring and experienced sales professionals’ needs. Therefore, in collaboration with IIM Indore, we launched the Executive Program in Strategic Sales Management, a 4-month robust program designed by the sharpest minds in the sales industry exclusively for sales professionals. 

Having enrolled and successfully completed the same, Sayan Ghosh (Territory Sales Incharge, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company) speaks enthusiastically about his complete learning journey. Speaking about the program and the reason why he chose us, he says, “Before I enrolled in the program, I did my part of the research. I came across several programs in the market, but I was not entirely convinced. Also, being a working professional, I needed a comprehensive program. The IIM Indore program was for 4-month, which was perfect for me.” 

It’s not just the program duration that encouraged him to move forward with his decision. He is elated with how the course is structured and explains how it is perfect for him, “IIM Indore and UNext Jigsaw has designed a great program for sales professionals. You know, most programs we see out there in the market are for marketing and sales. But I have been a sales guy for over a decade now, and I needed a program that focused purely and completely on the sales aspects of the business. The Executive Program in Strategic Sales Management did just that for me. 

The program’s content structure is perfect and extremely industry relevant, helping me to achieve new heights in terms of my skills. Actually, the program feels like a brush-up of an MBA course packed comprehensively in a 4-month package. I therefore recently got the opportunity to join Crompton at a senior profile, thanks to the program.” 

We told you that the best minds in the industry designed the program. But did u also know that industry veterans and expert faculty of IIM Indore deliver it? That’s true; the program offers the perfect opportunity for you to learn from the best in the sales industry today from the comfort of your home. However, it’s not just learning from them that makes the whole experience worthwhile. It’s the way they help you understand the industry and guide you through its nuances. Don’t just take our word for it; here is what Sayan has to say about the same, “The IIM Indore and UNext Jigsaw faculty are extremely supportive and understanding. They constantly take suggestions to make the whole experience better. 

And the best part of the program was the whole peer-to-peer learning experience. Although it was a big energetic batch, we all felt connected with each other. We had several brainstorming and decision-making sessions where we all sat down as a team and worked together as a team to solve a problem. The whole experience was enriching, and it felt like we made long-term connections.” 

The whole peer-to-peer learning was brilliant. It was a big energetic batch, and we all felt connected with each other. We had several brainstorming sessions and decision-making sessions, where we all sat down as a team and worked together. It was so enriching to connect with them, and I felt it was great for long-term connections. 

Wanting to help other professionals make the right choice and reap maximum benefits just like he did, Sayan is all about asking other sales aspirants to take the chance. He says, “You will most definitely benefit greatly from the program. Especially if you’re just kickstarting your career, then this program is perfect for helping you make process-based decisions. It is without a doubt a great professional addition for sales professionals.” 

Just like we told you, don’t just take our word for it. Know what our alumni experienced in our programs and make your choice accordingly. If you are looking to make the most out of your career and want to skyrocket your skills, then waste no time enrolling in our program and get complete benefits from the same.

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