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Web analytics is a way to understand website traffic and the visitor’s behaviour on the website. Companies and organizations often use web analytics tools to know the number of visitors on the website and the number of visitors on a page. They can monitor the number of unique visitors and how they come to the site. These tools help the companies to know if a website page is working properly or not. It tells them which area of the website are more popular and which area do not get traffic. There are many tools in the market that give easy to understand reports from the data.

Here are some of the popular tools (not in any order) that can be used to gain insights from websites.

Google Analytics: It is one of the most popular tools in the market. Whether someone is an expert or a newbie in the area of web analytics, everyone has heard about it. It is free and easy to understand. It gives detail insights about the visitors, traffic sources, goals, content and e-commerce.

Crazy Egg: It tells you about where visitors are moving their mouse on the page and where they click in the form of a heat map. It helps to analyse the areas which are catching the most attention.

Clicky: It provides real time information about website traffic. It is also simple to use and gives all the information clearly. It is free and has analytics features comparable to Google analytics. It also has a mobile version.

Kissmetrics: It has all the other features of  visitor’s tracking, and it also allow you to see the change in behaviour over time, pattern identification and most typical behaviours. The tool gives you deep customer’s insights and gives important insights to improve conversion rate.

Woopra: This can be a great tool especially for e-commerce companies as it has a feature of online chat with the visitors. Another interesting feature is it gives you information where the website has been used. In addition to this it gives information about visitor’s location, what pages they are on now, where they’ve been on your site and their Web browser and other statistics.

Mint: It is also a great tool. It gives information about visitors, like where they are coming from, what pages they are viewing etc. In addition to this it lets you make adjustments to customize with free add-ons.

Chartbeat: The good thing about this tool is, it keeps constant track on the visitors of the website and gives snap shots of what visitors are doing on the website in real time. It basically tells you everything about your current visitor.

PiWik: It is downloadable open source. It gives real time web traffic reports and can track many websites. It has a customizable interface.

Web Trends: It is one of the first web analytics companies to enter into the market. It gives all the information about website visitors and is available in multiple additions for different requirements.

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