AI – Changing the mobile application development landscape

Let’s accept that smartphones have become a vital part of our lives. We start our day by checking our smartphones and end our day with it. While using different mobile applications on our smartphones, we don’t really think how much we’re using artificial intelligence (AI) in our day to day life. From Google Voice Assistant to Siri, all are nothing but AI-based applications. The mobile technology landscape is evolving and is getting more advanced with impeccable innovations in AI, created by technology experts.

In this article, we’ll see how AI is shaping the mobile application development landscape.

“As a technologist, I see how AI and the fourth industrial revolution will impact every aspect of people’s lives.” – Fei-Fei Li, Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University.

How is AI changing the mobile application development landscape?

Mobile applications are evolving continuously, and AI is empowering this progression. AI is acting as a catalyst for mobile applications and their development. Application developers are deploying different innovations in developing mobile applications. There are more than 5 million applications in all the applications stores and all these application stores aid in showing how AI is personalizing the user experiences and also adapts to various scenarios because of automated learning capacities.

Here are a few points that will help us understand how AI is transforming the mobile application development landscape.

Voice Recognition: Google Voice Assistant and Apple’s Siri is the best example of an AI-based voice recognition application. It enables users to search and take certain actions on their smartphones. These voice recognition applications enable the users to search the internet, open apps, make calls, send messages, play songs, schedule, remind and give calendar updates, and answer numerous questions, that too without typing a single word. These applications can recognize speech and language. A user can also use these applications in their regional language or mother tongue.

Predictive Text Suggestion: While writing something on your mobile, you must have noticed that when we start typing, we get recommendations. We all have experienced this while using Whatsapp, Facebook and other applications on our mobiles. These applications direct us to predict the text, based on our past inputs, messages, etc. This is nothing but AI-based predictive text technology for mobile applications. The keyboards of our smartphones are powered by AI and Machine Learning algorithms that do predictive analysis of the data generated by us in the past, enabling the keyboard to recommend the next text and also correct any grammatical errors.

Location-Based Suggestions: Whether you’re using Google Maps’ ‘near-by’ feature or using any food delivery app, you’ll come across suggestions regarding places or restaurants that are near to your location. All these suggestions based on your location are enabled by an AI-powered engine that is integrated with all these applications. The user’s location acts as the input for the application and the integrated AI engine searches for nearby places based on your preferences, past interests, and suggests the locations.

These are the few points on how AI is changing the existing mobile application development landscape. But what does it mean for the future of the mobile applications development panorama?

Putting it in a few lines wouldn’t give a clear picture, as artificial intelligence is a constantly evolving domain and its implementation in developing mobile applications will keep changing with each innovation in AI technology.

How will AI shape the mobile application development landscape in the future?


Leading With Personalization: As artificial intelligence gains insights from each user’s behavior, information, searches, and buying habits, it makes AI a powerful personalization tool. Each one of us has a unique experience, using all the applications that are powered by artificial intelligence. This is because the AI enables the applications to offer suggestions based on our individual preferences.

Businesses have understood the power of AI. Thus, more AI-based applications will come to the market to increase engagement and enhance the consumer experience. Organizations will focus more on introducing personalized applications.

More Creative Opportunities For Application Developers: Innovations in AI is transforming the application development landscape in extraordinary ways. AI is more accessible to everyone now than ever, and developers can develop algorithms for many specific tasks. This will give the developers opportunities to expand their creativity and deploy code in the application development more creatively.

Reshaping the ways developers develop applications and how users interact with the products, AI is giving us a glimpse of the future of the mobile application development landscape. As the need for AI is increasing continuously, developers with a comprehensive understanding of AI algorithms and proficient knowledge of AI tools will be in higher demand for their knowledge and efficient creativity. 

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