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Getting a degree in the Artificial Intelligence field was a big deal back in the day because adequate resources and infrastructure were unavailable. However, that time has passed. Nowadays, you enroll in AI programs virtually as well and acquire a degree in AI. The rapid mainstreaming of AI is due to its tremendous potential in the near future.

The market for Artificial Intelligence is growing. According to Gartner, the market for AI software will reach $62 billion in 2022, a 21.3% growth over 2021. According to Semrush, the yearly growth rate of AI between 2020 and 2027 is expected to be 33.2%.

Getting an Artificial Intelligence degree in India is a piece of cake; know more below. 

How can Artificial Intelligence be defined?

Let’s examine the fundamental definition first. Artificial Intelligence, also called Machine Intelligence’s only goal is to give the software the capacity to analyze its surroundings. It can do so by using predefined rules and Artificial Intelligence techniques or sequences acknowledging convolutional neural networks. After that, AI can decide things based on such assessments. To provide the software program or system the ability to respond with varying levels of autonomy and reduce the manual human influence on various activities, AI aims to emulate biological intelligence in this manner.

What Does An Engineer In Artificial Intelligence Do?

Engineers in Machine Learning and AI work on a range of tasks. The precise duties of the AI developer will vary depending on the business, industry, particular position, and other considerations. The primary roles often include:

  • Employing programming languages like Java, Python, or C
  • Utilizing statistics, algorithms, and data
  • Using evaluation and data modeling techniques
  • Using libraries and algorithms for machine learning
  • Develop applications for deep learning through research

According To The Research, An AI Engineer’s Job May Be Divided Into Four Main Categories:

  1. An Expert In AI Or Machine Learning: This position entails investigating AI’s theoretical side and seeking to advance the technology or use it in new contexts.
  2. Programmer Or Developer Of AI Software: These engineers use Machine Learning for a given set of data. For this position, you must have excellent math and programming abilities.
  3. Data Mining And Analysis Engineers: This role employs deep learning algorithms and modeling to identify and react to patterns,
  4. Engineers In Machine Learning: This includes anything related to AI, such as employing and implementing AI methods to carry out tasks or address issues professionally.

Degrees in Artificial Intelligence

Here is a list of Artificial Intelligence degrees. It includes Masters In Artificial Intelligence and others such as B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD in Artificial Intelligence, etc.

1. IIT Guwahati

IIT Guwahati’s academic program began in 1995. The Institute now offers BTech, bachelors in Artificial Intelligence, MA, MDes, MTech, Ph.D. programs, and MSC Artificial Intelligence in twelve divisions and four interdisciplinary research centers spanning all the main engineering, scientific, and humanities areas.

IIT Guwahati has quickly developed a top-notch infrastructure for cutting-edge studies and has been furnished with advanced scientific and technical equipment. The huge 285-acre campus of IIT Guwahati is located around 20 kilometers from the city’s center on the north river bank River Krishna. 

The BTech Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence program offers an Artificial Intelligence course with eight semesters and a four-year length.

2. Jain University

This university, which is equally well-known in the sphere of higher education, is based in Bengaluru. It has succeeded in making a reputation for itself after India’s higher education institutions. When it comes to Artificial Intelligence-related courses, the Department of Engineering And Computer Science is crucial.

The BTech CSE program provided here has a Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence concentration. Students might opt to focus on Artificial Intelligence as part of the BTech CSE program, keeping in mind their interests. Students who have Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry plus two diplomas are eligible to apply to enroll in this course. 

3. Parul College

This university is situated in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad. The reputation of this university is well-known around the world. Every year, a sizable number of students apply to pursue a variety of courses at this university. The Vadodara facility, which is also regarded as Gujarat’s cultural center, is very advantageous. The college started its run in 1993 and advanced steadily to earn widespread acclaim.

The Institution is a conglomeration of 20 departments and 36 institutions, offering a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and certification programs in many different fields. It provides a selection of over 450 specially crafted programs that are tailored to each student’s professional aspirations. For its outstanding accomplishments, this has received several awards throughout the years. The facilities for students are genuinely world-class, and the faculty is exceptionally competent. The environment here consistently inspires the kids to bring forth their best selves.

4. Lovely Professional University

Consider that this college provides BTech Computer Science engineering with a specialization in Data Science for those interested in Artificial Intelligence courses (Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence). This program has eight semesters and a four-year length. Candidates for the course must have earned Mathematics, Physic, and Chemistry plus two diplomas. To enroll in this course, applicants must pass the LPUNEST test. Students who completed JEE Main are excused from taking the LPUNEST.

5. Vellore Institute of Technology

The organization also goes by the moniker VIT; its headquarters are in Vellore, Tamil Nadu. It also has branches in other regions of the nation. Every individual who aspires to become an engineer wants to be a member of this school when it pertains to an engineering degree. This educational facility offers highly trained instructors and first-rate facilities for students to advance their topic expertise. The BTech Computer Science Engineering program offered here offers a specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Automation for students interested in AI.


The Artificial Intelligence Institutes in India listed above each have different admission requirements. Students who pass a national test like JEE Mains and place among some of the top 2.5 lakh students must then take and pass JEE Advanced with the necessary score to be accepted into institutions like IIT Guwahati. A few other universities could have their test for prospective students to take. After clearing written exams, candidates must participate in counseling. The student must handle the admissions procedure. Passing nationwide exams like JEE Mains gives students an additional benefit. You may go to UNext online and learn further about Artificial Intelligence. 

In short, getting Masters in Artificial Intelligence degree or any other relevant degree is easy. You just have to look around for legitimate opportunities. UNext also offers PG and Diploma courses in Management and Artificial Intelligence. Make yourself AI-ready digitally with a solid placement cell backing you up.


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