The Top 4 Cyber Security Companies on the Planet

In a world were even national elections are not free from cyber attacks, the importance of cyber security is extremely vital. The cyber world is struggling to keep attackers from meddling with critical data from personal information of citizens to secret data that are of national importance. Things would get real ugly if corporate data is not stored securely by overseeing potential security threats. A job of a cyber security personnel is as important as the job of a soldier at the national border. Enterprise architect training plays a key role in modelling the desirable capabilities for the safe functioning of a business. Here are the best 4 companies that made sure that cyber security services made people feel secure and tried to make our world a safer place to live.

Root9b LLC

Root9b stands in the first position among the Top 10 cyber security companies, also claims to be the most innovative cyber security solutions company. The company extends its services in many areas like advanced technology training, operational support, and consulting services in the United States and internationally.

One of the major areas were the company’s aid is used is for the federal government. The advisory board members of this company includes ex veterans and law enforcement professionals who have worked in the fields of National Security with substantial experience in providing advanced solutions and with proven abilities for risk mitigation. Root9b recently won a $50 million worth 5 year sub contract with the Department of Defence.

The expertise of the workforce and the advanced technology used in their system brings about an impeccable glamour to the organization. Root9b runs Network Defence Operations and computer forensics along with developing strategies to enhance security and prevent security breaches on the cyber space. With the right amount of business analysis training and knowledge from corporate training programs, one can explore the possibilities of business extension without compromising on security.


In the second place we have Raytheon, who is one of the top US defence contractor that also has its interests spread across manufacturing of weaponry, mission control devices and other commercial electronics.  Raytheon Engineers worldwide are working towards building cutting edge technologies to make the world safe for its citizens. In fact, Percy Spencer, one of the early engineers of Raytheon invented the capability of microwaves to cook food during the time he worked for developing microwave transmitter radars for WWII.

The company strives to ensure that it provides devices with very high level of security to prevent security leaks that could eventually put national security into jeopardy.


Mimecast, the cloud based email management system that helps companies maintain their business communications data. The corporate are usually targeted by hackers by peeping into their communications systems through security leaks and by using highly valued confidential information for illegal purposes. This is what Mimecast specializes on. Protection of corporate data from potential security threats on email is done by utilizing secured email gateways and Target threat which is the process of rewriting the URL at the gateway before opening the email.

Mimecast also provides services for encrypted cloud storage, protection against malwares, spam’s, phishing etc.

IBM Security

Watson, IBM’s super smart AI is helping IBM’s security solutions by drawing security information from various sources together and analysing them. This is the factor that makes IBM a champion in finding threats that are not detectable in many other security systems. Integration of cognitive technologies to find and learn about security threats by the new IBM® Cognitive SOC is an amazing innovation put forth by IBM.

Analytics from the older threats and the patterns in which the threats are progressing through can be closely analyzed and monitored to predict possible security gaps and trends in security breaches, by AI systems. Watson along with other security measures are used by IBM to detect bots, destroy them as early as possible with the help of in house hackers who can find vulnerabilities in the system.

Engineers who wish to pursue careers with these technology empires should prepare with best-in-market technologies and methods. Boot camp trainings for enhancing the hacker’s/coder’s mental control over stressful period is a wise move to tackle pressure dealing with security breaches.

As Cyber security threats find nastier and deeper ways to disrupt development for business, It is always good to be in a place where the detection and elimination of the threat takes minimal time and financial loss. The cyber space has expanded so much with the introduction of devices like health trackers, home automation systems, heart rate monitors and other smart devices which contain critical personal information. The Internet of Things is another area that could go unbelievably wrong if not used securely. Any personal information drawn from these systems can potentially harm a person even physically.

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