5 Reasons You should do a Certification in HR Analytics

Our decisions have two consequences – they either work or they don’t. However, we always don’t have the luxury to take chances and make mistakes as sometimes, the consequences can lead to events that can become irreparable. That’s why our decisions should be backed by supporting factors, facts, and data. Yes, data, the crucial aspect over which our decisions should be made! With right data, you can uncover the right information and with the right piece of information, you can take an informed decision that will benefit your organization or business and your career.

That’s why data analytics has become crucial over the last few years. Companies are now finding out that data-driven decisions tend to work more than instinct-based ones. More companies are looking for skilled data scientists to take up niche organizational responsibilities and work on getting insights that would enable managers and the cream of management to make better and efficient decisions.

If you didn’t know, data analytics has been used across a range of industries and sectors such as supply-chain management, customer behavior, IoT and more. However, one of the new buzzwords this niche IT sector has managed to generate is the term called HR analytics – the application of analytics techniques to understand employees, their behaviours, measure resources in hand, allocate manpower to projects, study patterns of attrition, recruitment, employee satisfaction, and just appraisal and incentive systems.

HR analytics can work wonder for your organization and when you do it right, it can help you cut down on expenses, fine tune your in-house talent and make decisions that can directly influence the everyday operations of your business. So, HR analytics is increasingly becoming an inevitable aspect of businesses today.

If you’re looking for opportunities in HR, it’s highly recommended you go for a specialized role in HR analytics, as it will not just fetch you an authoritative job profile but help you scale up in your career as well. To further help you get clarity, here are five reasons you should do a certification course in HR analytics.


Clear Recruitment Process


Every company requires a pool of talent that will complement its visions, goals, and missions. If the manpower in a business is not aligned with business goals, chances are most likely that the organization will fumble at one point or the other. That’s why as an HR personnel, you should be able to take informed decisions on hiring the right candidates and at the right time. HR analytics gives you the opportunity to look at insights such as which department of your company requires which type of talent, which department is lacking in what skills, what sort of training a particular department needs, how to recruit qualified personnel and more. When you take informed decisions on these, you bring in people that fit perfectly in your company’s culture and goals and help optimize workflow and processes.


Employee behaviour


One of the crucial aspects of an HR personnel lies in keeping employee behavior at optimized levels. No matter how much an employee gets paid, if he or she doesn’t go back home happy, is credited for the efforts, or recognized and satisfied, be sure that he or she might put in papers at any time. Employee behavior also has a direct impact on everyday operations such as completing tasks, meeting deadlines, delivering quality output and more. HR analytics will help you study employee behavior, allowing you to come up with unique ways of engaging with them and improving the overall culture and happiness quotient at your workplace.




One of the other things that rattle the peace of mind of an HR executive is attrition. Usually, it happens that for every two employees joining, there are three employees leaving. For HR executives, this is alarming because there could be a lot of reasons leading to attrition – poor pay structure, heavy workload, work-related stress, dull work environment, lack of incentive schemes, lack of creative liberty and more. It’s on HR executives to dig deep into the various attrition aspects and come up with data on what’s going wrong and where. HR analytics will help you with that and once you get the facts right, it’s easy to tackle them.


Adapt and Evolve


It’s not just your company that’s working hard, your competitors are too. If you don’t keep up, you’ll be left behind in the market. If you’re under the delusion that the progress of an organization relies only on the sales & marketing and the operations division of your company, you’re wrong. It is dependent on HR too. In fact, HR is the backbone of an organization that silently binds everything together. HR analytics will give you the potential to come up with what your company lacks and what rectifications and changes you can come up with them. It helps you stay on track with other businesses and deploy technologies that will pave for better functioning of your business.


Employee Efficiency and Incentive Schemes


Some of the most common disparities arise from the incentive schemes of employees. Pay check and incentive privacies are a myth and most employees share their incentive percentage or the exact amount with their peers. Any disparities immediately crop up to conflicts and escalate to managers. To come up with just incentive schemes and categorizing employee efficiency, implementing HR analytics is the practical approach. Making it transparent will allow for further understanding and alignment with individual tasks/goals and incentive payouts. HR analytics will help you settle tons of conflicts on this with ease.

So, these were the five most crucial reasons why you should do a certification in HR analytics. If you’re already an HR personnel looking to upskill, a fresher who wants a more authoritative job profile, or someone who wants to re-join the industry after a break, this is the certification you need to do. Apart from making you a specialist, analytics will also fetch you a higher salary and the perfect work-life balance. Get started with HR analytics today!

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