How will Cloud HR Software change the human resources function?

Today, the way Human Resources function has changed from how it used to operate in the 90s and early 2000. Introduction of Human Resource Management (HRM) software in the late 90s had already revolutionized the way HR departments across various industries functioned. The HR department is not contained in the back-office anymore, where dealing with paperwork and recruiting were the only processes they were involved in. The responsibilities have changed with the changing times. The HR department now handles many key functions, from recruiting, onboarding, performance management, employee engagement and employee data management to name but a few. All these functions involve heavy data generation and processing. Deploying cloud technology in the HRM systems have made the storage and processing of data easier.

Cloud HR Software leverages all the capabilities of cloud computing for better management of resources and reduces the costs. Use of cloud-based HR Software has increased the efficiency and productivity of organizations by manifold,  all over the world.

Now this question arises – How Cloud HR Software will change the human resources function?

Cloud HR Software can manage recruiting, training, evaluation, and other vital HR operations with ease. It empowers the human resource department with computing power, helping the organization to thrive in the data-driven era.

Top benefits of Cloud HR Software that’ll change the way HR department functions


Enhanced Recruitment Process: Recruitment and onboarding have always been one of the core functions of the HR department. The recruitment process involves a lot of data, right from the processing of resumes, scheduling interviews, collation of interview feedbacks to finally sending out the job offers. The traditional way of all these operations involves working manually, that may result in mix-ups and out-of-sync situations in the recruitment process which the organization couldn’t afford. Cloud-based HR Software can easily avoid such scenarios and make the recruitment process more efficient.

Reducing Workload: Excessive workload created by paperwork can be eliminated by adopting the Cloud HR Software. All the data are sorted and stored in the cloud servers and can be accessed anytime, from anywhere. Since all the data are stored in the cloud server, there is no risk of losing information – all because of cloud security.

Improved Employee Engagement: Leveraging on the Big Data, Cloud HR Software can come up with better employee engagement ideas and programs. Efficient employee engagement brings high levels of employee satisfaction, knowledge sharing, interest from new applicants, business agility, and profitability. Thus, leading to an improved, better and long term employee retention.

Employee Access 24/7: Cloud HR Software enables employees any easy access to critical information such as their benefits and compensation, 24/7. The employees can manage their leaves, file taxes and income-tax returns any time, even if it’s a holiday or weekend.

Predictive Analysis: Use of artificial intelligence (AI) in Cloud HR Software can help with employee assessment, promotion, increment and retention operations. By analysing the data across the organisation, AI can predict the employees who may be at risk of disappointment and declining performance curve and can address the issues proactively.


Cloud HR Software provides centralisation of information, meaning fast and efficient storage and retrieval of data for any organization, making the HR department a strategic unit of the organization.

More and more organizations are deploying Cloud HR Software in their HR department. Therefore, it’s become a mandate for HR professionals to upskill themselves with HR Analytics skills to remain relevant in the industry.

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