Delving Deep Into The Field Of Business Analytics Made Simply Easy With IIM Certification!

How often do you come across a program where the learners are extremely satisfied with the entire course curriculum and pedagogy and offer to explain the same to prospective learners? Yes! That is how impactful our IIM Indore certified Integrated Program in Business Analytics is when it comes to aiding its learners to fulfill their career aspirations and help them elevate their careers to newer heights.

Saraj Sadanand, an extremely happy and satisfied learner, who wants to help as many Business Analytics aspirants as possible, says,” Great place to kick start your journey in Data Science. Good placement support got placed into Deloitte (Analytics). I would definitely recommend it. For any clarification about the course content and placements, feel free to reach out to me over LinkedIn” currently, Saraj is fulfilling his role as a Product Solution Engineer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Congratulations Saraj!

With an innate critical thinking skill and a keen insight into what’s best, Ankit Attri, who is currently serving as an Associate Analyst at United Airlines, explains why he chose the domain of Business Analytics to upskill. Explaining why our IIM Certified program was his ultimate upscaling program, he says, “I wanted to delve into the field of Business Analytics because of the growing demand the domain has. Every industry today depends greatly on Business Analytics, so I decided it’s the best place to stay. The exhaustive curriculum that the program offers is the key reason why I chose this program. May it be SQL, Natural Language Processing, or learning about programming languages like R and Python, the program structure and delivery is simply fantastic. From ideation to execution, the interactive Bring Your Own Project feature is the key ingredient that makes this program irreplaceable for working professionals or anyone looking to explore the domain of Business Analytics”. What can we say? Thanks, Akul, for those clear-cut insights and excellent program analysis for our learner’s benefit.

Who does not fear becoming obsolete? Wanting to combat the same and overcome her fears, Honey Saini decided to upskill with the best program available in the field of Business Analytics. Elaborating on the same, she expresses her thoughts, “I know there are many businesses that did not go with technology and did not end well. I did not want to be a Dinosaur in this world. Therefore I decided to upskill, and I wanted to be updated with the latest trends and technologies. I wanted to leverage the latest technology to make my life easier and add value to the business. Thanks to the IPBA program, I landed a job in a big company and worked as a consultant for Dell. For anyone looking forward to making it big in the field of Analytics, IPBA is definitely a good place to start and get upskilled.”

The journey of ten months is no short time. Enrolling in the same and completing it successfully with a full-time job requires immense dedication and absolute determination. Having accomplished it all, Shaik Ahmed, who feels exceptionally grateful for pursuing this course, explains,” I found the Business Analytics course very interesting, knowledgeable, and well designed. The 10+ months duration of this course covered from the basics of statistics to the in-depth detailed analysis of Data Science and its practical implementation. This course will help all who are at the beginning of their carrier, for those who would like to shift/build their career towards Data Science, and for the managers and senior managers equally as the coverage of the topics is extensive and, more importantly, practical in nature. Thanks to UNext Jigsaw and IIM faculty for making this course exciting and providing detailed insight into every topic.”

It is an absolute work of art to have the perfect mixture of theoretical concepts and practical learning. Our Integrated Program in Business Analytics has successfully achieved this perfect balance and has helped innumerable learners fulfill their career goals. Know everything about the program today! It might even be your perfect upskilling partner for all you know!

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