Integrated Program in Business Analytics: Designed To Help Turn Your Career Dreams To A Reality!

Whether it is to improve efficiency or monitor the progress of a mission, being updated on the general information about the business, the most reliable source is the data. However, the data usually obtained are massive and quite raw in quality. Without the necessary refining, processing, categorizing, and filtering, the data is not of much actual use. However, processing data and extracting useful information needs a deep understanding of numerous tools and techniques.


Mastering these tools and understanding the techniques for extracting information is now made easy with the Indian Institute of Management Indore’s Integrated Program in Business Analytics. This 10-month online instructor-led program with its Bring Your Own Project feature for a hands-on industry learning experience is designed and delivered by the best in the industry. Why don’t we hear what our learners say about their upskilling journey with us?


Fulfilling his dream role as a Business Analyst & Scrum Master at Royal Dutch Shell, Animesh Parikshya talks about his post-program experience and says, “ It was time for me to know in-depth about data, how to analyze it for better solutions and bridge the gap between business and IT. The program from IIM was a perfect option covering vast knowledge with the best teaching. After completing the program, my seniors quickly understood the value I would add to the organization. I was quickly promoted as a senior Business analyst and was entrusted with bigger projects”.


Doesn’t it feel ecstatic when you can accomplish something you were highly skeptical about? Well, academic anxiety is most common when people start working. However, overcoming the same, enrolling in a program, and becoming successful can be euphoric. Talking about the same, another learner, Sunny Surve, reveals, “ First of all, I must acknowledge without hesitation that learning was superb, great, and wonderful. Personally speaking, It was a very long time back, literally when I had studied during academics.

But course designing and all weekend schedules have been of utmost flexibility, where I could not find a single glitch. My many thanks to all faculties for having vast knowledge and being allowed to learn from their individual experiences.” 


Talking on similar lines and wanting to explore the domain more, Amit Kumar Srivastava, a Data Scientist at Centric Consulting, says, “I was already working in the Business Analytics domain as a decision scientist. However, I felt the need for formal education to explore and acknowledge the domain’s innumerable opportunities. That is when I discovered this program from IIM Indore and decided to enroll in the same to acquire a complete knowledge about the domain.”


The game-changer of the entire curriculum is the Bring Your Own Project feature, which is designed to provide a complete hands-on industry experience. Talking about the same, an excited learner, Kalpana Senapati, explains, “I came with a completely different idea for our capstone project. We were then teamed with another five members and were given the opportunity to work full-time on the project. It was an extremely enlightening experience giving a complete understanding of how the industry works in real-time.”


Keeping it crisp and clear, Murali Sairam, working as Assistant Manager at

Exide Life Insurance says,” I joined jigsaw IPBA in Jan 2021, and the course, faculty, and fellow students made the learning experience fast and smooth. The IIM degree and alumni status help to make your resume shine out.” 


Emphasizing and speaking regarding the same, Apoorv Vats says, “I enrolled in the Business Analytics program that Jigsaw and IIM Indore conducted to learn in detail about the domain. The knowledge they provided was simply fantastic. The professors from IIM Indore were incredible. Good work, Team Jigsaw.”


Well, it seems like our work here is done, and we are extremely proud of what every one of our learners has achieved. Looking forward to knowing every detail about this life-changing program? Click here to learn all about the 10-month online Integrated Program in Business Analytics


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