We Can Guarantee That You Would Have Known Nothing Like The BYOP(Bring Your Own Project) Experience!

The biggest drawback of traditional education is the lack of practical experience concerning the skills we master. With the industries becoming highly competitive and application-oriented, theoretical knowledge would never be sufficient to make it big in any domain. Having identified this colossal knowledge gap, the Integrated Program in Business Analytics by IIM Indore, in collaboration with UNext Jigsaw, was designed to provide learners with the perfect balance between theoretical knowledge and practical experience. This 10-month online instructor-led course has its curriculum crafted and delivered by the best minds of the Business Analytics industry. However, the highlight of the entire course structure is the Bring Your Own Project(BYOP) feature, designed to help learners to apply all their knowledge to a project idea in an industry of their choice to get hands-on practical experience.

Well, as we said, there is nothing like the BYOP(Bring Your Own Project) Experience. Here is what our learners have to say about the same:

Ankur Bajaj, Executive Officer at Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

Ankur Bajaj, an Executive Officer at Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited with over 12 years of experience in the telecom industry, decided to boost his career with our IIM-certified program. Talking about his hands-on learning experience, he says,

“The BYOP experience was great. You learn to roll your mind out about what course content you need to implement into the project. You are forced to think of multiple ways, and the mentors are great at helping you think outside the box. The online program is a great opportunity as it’s easier to get a one-on-one session than the offline one. With the pre-recorded videos, and old lecture videos available for revising, the overall experience is simply marvelous.”

Elaborating further on the same, Tanisha Jain, another Business analytics enthusiast who completed the program and found her place in the industry despite having no analytics background, candidly explains about the program “The structure of the program was highly organized. The modules and the method of teaching ensured we learned it all. The Bring Your Own Project was a roller coaster experience. Our project idea helped us clearly understand the industry’s needs. I do not come from an analytics background. But after completing this program, I am pretty confident that I can handle all responsibilities of this domain. 

“I recently completed the Integrated Program in Business Analytics (IPBA) from UNext Jigsaw & IIM Indore. This course gave me a vast knowledge of statistics, ML, Python, SQL, etc. Courses were conducted by IIM, UNext Jigsaw faculty members, along with Industrial Experts. The content provided by the UNext Jigsaw portal was straightforward and informative. Overall the Knowledge and Teaching provided by all the Professors and Experts was remarkable.” explains N.Raja Subramanian, who recently completed our program and feels satisfied with the entire experience. Well, the aim has forever been to provide a fulfilling learning experience, and we are thrilled to see our learners experiencing the same.

Mounika Yelavarthy, another learner who enrolled in the program only after ensuring that it was the best out there in the market, says, “The idea was to get into a good Business analytics course. I had checked out numerous courses in the market. The reason why I chose this program was as it had exceptionally good detailing. I would strongly recommend this program for anyone looking out for an excellent Business Analytics course, as it has the best program design in the market.”

Keeping it crisp and on point, B Nagarjuna Reddy speaks about his learning journey and says, “I had enrolled in the IPBA program by IIM Indore in collaboration with UNext Jigsaw. The program and its curriculum were instrumental in helping me change my domain. Without their complete support, we wouldn’t have completed the program successfully.” career transition is a crucial aspect of our programs. It makes us immensely proud to see our learners achieve the same effortlessly.

Last but not least, Kiran Kumar explains the program in a nutshell. Feeling ecstatic about his learning journey, he says, “I recently completed my IIM Indore – UNext Jigsaw IPBA program. I must say it has been an eye-opener for me. My experience has been excellent. The curriculum is relevant, detail-oriented, and fast-paced. The faculty from UNext Jigsaw and IIM Indore is outstanding. Some topics may get confusing initially, but the faculty genuinely wants to make sure one gets the fundamentals clear. Overall a great program, and anyone enrolling must keep at least 8-10 hrs a week aside for pre-class prep to make the most out of this beautiful course!

With the aim to provide industry-relevant upskilling programs embedded with the hands-on learning experience, Integrated Program in Business Analytics was designed by the brightest minds in the industry from both IIM Indore and UNext Jigsaw. Spread over a span of 10 months, the program aims to help build competent professionals of tomorrow with smart data-driven decision-making skills.

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