A Product Management Program Designed To Get You Industry Ready In Just 6 Months!

The world today is brimming with new-age technologies that have burst open a door of opportunities for every single one of us. Determination to experiment, the grit to consistently upskill, and the courage to try something new is all it takes to own a thriving career in any of your chosen fields.  

Irrespective of previous education or inclination, one skill-based domain that is extremely popular today is Product Management. With newer products, services, and options coming to the market, the need for visionary leaders who can handhold the process and all the relevant dependent team members is very high. 

Product Managers are often called mini-CEOs. Also, most successful CEOs today have all, at one point in their careers, fulfilled the role of a Product Manager. This clearly indicates the importance and the respect the role holds in an organization. Although the knowledge to become a Product Manager does come from experience over the years, there is always an added advantage when its more important and essential nuances can be learned from industry experts. The PG Certificate Program in Product Management from IIM Indore, in collaboration with UNext Jigsaw, is one such program curated by expert faculty and industry experts to help aspiring Product Managers master all possible skills required to be the best. 

Having successfully completed the program and leveraged the same for accelerated career growth, Veronica Christina Roy (Cluster Product Sales Manager NR Business, RBL Bank) says the entire experience was absolutely brilliant. In her words, “I came across this course related to Product Management conducted by UNext Jigsaw somewhere in 2021. Although I was initially a little skeptical, I decided to give it a shot anyway. That was the best decision I made for my upskilling. In a span of 6 months, the program covered all the basic aspects of Product Management and had three evaluations. The highlight of the entire program is the BYOP (Bring Your Own Product), where you get the chance to apply every single skill you have mastered in real-time.” 

, A Product Management Program Designed To Get You Industry Ready In Just 6 Months!
Veronica Christina Roy

And it’s not just about the curriculum and the program; Veronica is all praise for the faculty as well. Talking about the same, she says, “The Faculty from IIM-Indore and UNext Jigsaw is commendable. They are prompt in responding to even the silliest questions over emails and calls off class as well. The course schedule and the timings were apt for me, considering my tight work schedules during the weekdays. The Institute adds a lot of value to the course. It was indeed a beautiful nostalgic experience!” 

It was absolutely delightful to have an enthusiastic student like you, Veronica. And it’s not just her. Another one of our learners, Shibani Ahuja (Senior Visualizer YoBoHo New Media Pvt. Ltd), speaks about her learning journey with absolute delight. Elaborating on her experience, she says,” During the course of 6-month, I have learned a lot of concepts to develop the ideal Product Manager’s mindset. It’s an honor to be taught by industry experts and the distinguished faculty at IIM Indore. They explained concepts well and resolved my doubts about concepts, theories, and models. They gave us real-life examples and case studies to help us grasp the subject better. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to upgrade their skills in the domain of Product Management.” 

If you have not already checked out our PG Certificate Program in Product Management, here is a glimpse into the same  

  • Master the nuances of Product Management in just 6-month 
  • It is the only program that conforms to the 5i Framework.  
  • Get mentored one-on-one by industry experts. 
  • Bring Your Own Product feature for a hands-on learning experience 
  • Post-program completion, obtain IIM Indore certification and the opportunity to become a part of the alumni network 

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