After all, a perfect course to begin a successful career as a Business Analyst does exist!

Decision-making is not everyone’s forte. However, it becomes all the more important and difficult when you have to make the tough choice of having to pursue something new in the middle of a smooth flowing life. Yet, some people go the extra mile to achieve their desired position and dream job. Here we have a bunch of people who have gone above and beyond the normal to achieve success in their career path.

Most Computer Science graduates feel a gap between the knowledge the industry seeks and the knowledge that is imparted through traditional education. Most tend to take up newer courses and programs to bridge this gap and become more job-ready. Reflecting on the same, Vivian Rajkumar comments, “As a Computer Science graduate, this course gave me a lot of insight into how companies leverage Computer Science topics such as machine learning and NLP to make business decisions”. Having already worked as a Research Assistant at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, he knew pretty well where the need and the advantages of upskilling one’s career were and chose our 10-month online Integrated Program in Business Analytics (IPBA) to do the same.

“I have attended the IPBA (Integrated Program in Business Analytics) offered by Jigsaw-IIM Indore in collaboration, and it has been a great journey of learning and understanding the concepts and nuances of Data Science and Business Analytics.” Those were the words of Mahesh Ambekar who decided a career shift was necessary for better opportunities. Having worked in his original area of work for years, he needed a change to overcome his stagnation and was more than happy to have found this opportunity with our coursework.

When you are not a full-time learner whose life revolves around educational institutes and lecturers, the journey of learning becomes a complicated process. The needs and necessities are drastically different and a lot more complex for a working professional who is pursuing an executive course. Pointing out the same in a conversation with us, Rohan Goel an aspiring Business Analyst commented, “The course was great with in-depth knowledge videos and amazing IIM Indore teachers. The best thing about the course was the program manager Moses Rahul. He took care of every small need of each student and helped us throughout the course. It was amazing to see such a dedicated man in Jigsaw academy. Thank you Jigsaw.” Well, that was not the end of it. Viji Iyer, another passionate and successful learner from Jigsaw Academy, elaborates, “ We get good guides and online coaching, a great place to learn and hone your skills if you are passionate about data science. A big thanks to Mr. Moses Kola for constantly being connected and helping us with each and every little thing and never getting agitated with our repeated doubts or request.” The tougher the journey, the more is the support and assistance that is needed to achieve anything. Having observed the same, Jigsaw Academy ensures it does everything possible in its power to make this journey as hassle-free as possible.

The teaching faculty is as important and even more significant than the support faculty. When the learners are not freshers and come with a whole lot of professional experience, having to teach minds that are already well-trained in a different or similar domain becomes all the more difficult. Yet overcoming this, Jigsaw Academy has been successful in helping professionals upskilling themselves for better career opportunities.  Divulging in detail about the same, Bhaargav Lakshmanan a Business Analyst enthusiast states “ Data science subject is extremely vast with Statistics and algorithms having rich literature. I think the Integrated Program in Business Analytics(IPBA) faculty team from Jigsaw & IIM-I did a great job in touching the core areas, setting in the necessary concepts and providing working demos/code for several key techniques & models, to allow one to further explore and navigate through this vast field. Throughout the course, the lectures were delivered by academicians with vast research and large-scale project experience in core subjects like statistics, RDBMS systems, and big data tech. Or by faculty with specific implementation experience in applying data, data science techniques and algorithms, visualizations. Attending such classes during weekends, and learning from offline videos/lecture notes throughout, has probably been the best use of my weekends and spare time.” 

And it was not the opinion of just one person. Reflecting thoughts on the same line, Abhishek Sharma, Head of Key Accounts ET Medialabs Private Limited says, “I am fully satisfied with being part of this journey, it is a serious and High-Level Education Program provided by IIM Indore and Jigsaw Academy. Thanks to IIM Indore, Jigsaw, in Particular:- Prof Pritam, Prof Jitendra and Moses Kola for this wonderful journey.”Kalpana S, another satisfied and upskilled learner from Jigsaw Academy comments, “I liked the IPBA data analytics course. And really enjoyed being part of Jigsaw Academy and IIM Indore’s IPBA. The Faculty is excellent. The journey of 10 months with Jigsaw and IIM Indore is very good.”

A program gives a complete sense of satisfaction only if it can teach you how to implement the same in real-world scenarios. Without the right guidance, you might learn all the skills you like but will be unable to execute anything on the basis of your theoretical knowledge. To ensure this chasm never happens with the learners at Jigsaw Academy, the industry-related experience is a must for our study group. Vinay S, a thrilled learner says, “Lots of hands-on mini-projects to hone your skills with. The final Capstone project helps in using all the skills learned throughout the course and gives a glimpse of how real-time Industry projects will look like.” Having made the necessary upskilling choice, today he is a job-ready, proficient Business Analyst for more challenging opportunities.

Following your dreams and living them is a choice that needs a lot of hard work and sacrifices. Having to do them from the scratch can sometimes be scary and pressurizing. Jigsaw Academy in collaboration with IIM-Indore is here to help you make that journey a lot easier and more fulfilling with the Future Leaders Program which is also popularly known as the Integrated Program in Business Analytics. This might just be the right choice for you – to give your life that boost you were always looking for. Click here to know more about our program!

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