Business Analytics With IIM Indore: A Life-Changing Learning Experience

Business Analytics is a rewarding domain that offers an exciting career trajectory to anyone who decides to tread towards success. If you’ve been looking for a program that can help you become a certified Business Analyst, then IIM Indore’s Integrated Program in Business Analytics should be the only program on your mind, from now on. Adorning the 1st rank among ‘Top Part-time PG Programs In India – 2020’ by AIM, this online certification program has been the reason behind numerous success stories in the Business Analytics domain. Take a look at what our learners have to say about the program that helped 83% of learners to successfully transition in their careers after completing this 10-month program.

Harkesh Puri, one of our former learners gets candid about his experience with the comprehensive program that offers the unique Bring Your Own Project(BYOP) feature. He says, “IIM Indore’s Integrated Program in Business Analytics strikes the right balance between theoretical and practical learning. For the past 10 months, learning new concepts felt as enjoyable as going on a vacation, especially on the weekends. We’d stay glued to our classes for at least 5-6 hours. I’m definitely going to miss all of that.”

Another learner, Shaheed Mohamed, says, ”Jigsaw is the next best thing to get you to your path to success. The Integrated Program in Business Analytics is very well-structured and has the right balance of fundamentals and practicality to get you ready for the real world. The staff is very helpful (especially Moses). Moreover, the experienced faculty members keep you motivated to explore more. I’m really grateful for this learning experience,” he concludes.

The program’s top features did not fail to win over yet another of our learners. Let’s learn about Kumari Anjali’s experience with IIM Indore’s Business Analytics program! “I have had the pleasure of pursuing the Integrated Program in Business Analytics at Jigsaw in partnership with IIM Indore. I had a wonderful learning experience in the past 10 months. The classes were very comprehensive and provided us with a very vast knowledge of the industry via hands-on experience. The faculties are well-experienced and the staff members are always on their toes to provide hassle-free learning to every student in the batch. Jigsaw’s support team is extremely well managed and provides a quick solution to every query. I feel like putting in considerable efforts in completing the assignments alone can help you become industry-ready quickly.”

Well, that was what few of our learners had to say about the program. Now, are you ready to learn all about the main components of Big Data, popular concepts related to Data Analytics like Data Visualization, Data Handling, and Extraction, etc.? Then, wait no more and sign up for the program. Click here.

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