Can Someone From Non-IT Background Become A Data Science Professional? Hear It From Those Who’ve Transformed Into Data Scientists In Just 6 Months!

Data Science is only for persons with an IT background. It is a persistent myth that many people believe. Although it is true that some IT professionals seek to advance their skills in analytics, this field is not only open to people with a background in programming and IT. Many successful Data Scientists began their Data Science careers without prior coding knowledge or IT experience.

Chethan Kumar, who comes from a non-technical background, pursued UNext’s online Certificate Program in Full Stack Data Science and transformed into a proficient Data Science Professional in just 6 months.

Sharing his learning experience, Chethan says, “I have enrolled in the Full Stack Data Science Program (FSDS). Initially, I was a bit worried about coding and stuff since I am from a non-technical background. But UNext and its faculties helped me understand things better right from the basics. Their contents are well structured; it helped me gain the right knowledge and skills, which are very much required for a Data Analyst. I especially thank all the UNext faculties who helped me with the FSDS certification.”

Our Certificate Program in Full Stack Data Science is the most comprehensive program aligned to competency standards developed by SSC NASSCOM, which allows its participants to master all three elements of Data Science –  Statistics, Tools, and Business Knowledge.

How does one make the most of the Certificate Program in Full Stack Data Science?

, Can Someone From Non-IT Background Become A Data Science Professional? Hear It From Those Who’ve Transformed Into Data Scientists In Just 6 Months!

Offering hands-on practice through Capstone Projects, Case studies/Term-End Mini Projects, the online program allows learners to implement Data Science techniques by using tools like Python and Python packages like Numpy, Pandas, Scikit Learn, Scipy, Excel, Tableau, Hadoop, Pig, Hive, and Spark.

At UNext, participants learn by watching the course videos and completing the assignments, but applying what they have learned is what really solidifies their understanding. Learners have access to various case studies, competitions, and contests, some of which were developed by professors and others by industry experts.

Manoj Jain, one of our returning alumnus, says, “Sometime around Feb’22, I decided to give the course another chance, this time depending solely upon the online content (and Google as a backup!), and I discovered that it was possible to complete the course if one put in some dedication and sustained effort. And the reason for writing the review is to praise the support team at UNext, which was very supportive, responded to all queries promptly, and granted two extensions to me to complete the course without charging any extra fees.”

It is always a pleasure to extend our services and support to all our learners. We take pride in seeing our learners ace their upskilling journeys. Chethan & Manoj’s career transformation journeys clearly bust the myth that people from non-IT backgrounds cannot enter the Data Science realm. All you need is a bit of perseverance, commitment, and clarity about your desire. The rest, you can leave to UNext’s Data Science programs to help you build your Data Science career.

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