Know How Kickstarting a Career In Business Analytics Is Made Easy By IIM Indore’s Future Leaders Program!

With time, the world is steadily becoming a highly data-driven place. The pandemic has changed the surface of how companies, teams, recruitment and industries work. With more people working remotely and even more people looking out for better job opportunities, upskilling with the latest and emerging technologies can be your savior to stay relevant in your domain.

Although archiving of data has existed for centuries, manipulating the same for better business strategies and profits was discovered only a few decades ago. A data-driven business works on the principle of learning from past experiences to make more substantial future plans. With industries working on a large scale and over a wider spectrum, the amount of data that can be accumulated is immeasurable. To categorize, analyze and eventually draw conclusions from the same needs knowledge and familiarity with a whole range of new tools that will make the overall process smooth and provide more precise results.

, Know How Kickstarting a Career In Business Analytics Is Made Easy By IIM Indore’s Future Leaders Program!
Anuj Verma, Virtual Intern – Data Analyst Consulting at KPMG Australia

With organizations actively looking out for seasoned experts who can bring a tremendous boost and value to the business, making a career in business analytics might just be the right choice in the post-COVID era. Viewing this as an opportunity to take his career ahead, Anuj Verma took up the Integrated Program in Business Analytics (IPBA), by IIM Indore and Jigsaw Academy, to push the frontier in the field of analytics. Having successfully completed the course, he recounts his experience from his journey, “The faculty is wonderful, knowledgeable and are very well able to communicate their teaching. The back-end support from Jigsaw Academy is great.” Find out what more he had to say!

Elaborating on similar lines, Lakshmi Kumar another Jigsaw learner says, “I joined the program purely for learning new tools and I can say with utmost confidence that the study material, professors and support from Jigsaw as well as IIM-I are just superb and they help me greatly in my current role as well.” Lakshmi Kumar is currently working as the P2P Head for South Asia and JAPAC at Sanofi. Learn what Lakshmi Kumar had to say about her experience.

Sitting in a classroom environment and blindly going through the course is not the end of learning. Theoretical knowledge is helpful only as far as learners know how to implement the same in real-world scenarios. Without the necessary industry experience, a learner will be unable to deliver as expected in the new domain. Identifying this gap and trying to bring about more industry-education relevant teaching, the Integrated Program in Business Analytics (IPBA) is embedded with multiple mini-projects. Having benefited from the same, Amartya Dey reflects, “The course has a corporate orientation which makes it possible for students to apply data science to real-life problems in a way that was not imaginable before. Plus the study materials are the best.” Currently working as a Sports Analytics Intern at, this is what Amartya Dey had to articulate about the complete experience.

, Know How Kickstarting a Career In Business Analytics Is Made Easy By IIM Indore’s Future Leaders Program!
Dushyant Sethiya, Co-Founder of Citispotter Ltd.

The knowledge and experience assimilated through the program can also become a great learning curve to own an insights-heavy business path. It equips you to prepare, plan, execute and accelerate your business and take them to new heights. Dushyant Sethiya, Co-Founder of Citispotter Ltd. comments, “It was a great experience, learning in person at IIM Indore Campus and working on the capstone project with a real company. No doubt, the program is highly competitive and the support system is very good. I highly recommend this course to whoever is planning to start their career in Data Science.” Read on to know what Dushyant says in detail about the program!

Also, we see people from all verticals, taking up our course for better career opportunities. A course in business analytics will help you add limitless value to the progress of a business. Proving this right, our learner Tejasvi Kumar Sankhla, who is currently pursuing an MBA in Finance from the New Delhi Institute of Management says, “IPBA from IIM Indore is a very practical experience, all domains are taken up very strategically. There is a lot of hands-on experience of actual-world problems.” Click here to read in detail about Tejaswi‘s review!

, Know How Kickstarting a Career In Business Analytics Is Made Easy By IIM Indore’s Future Leaders Program!
Dhiral Bhargava, Proprietor at Vikramaditya Engineering and Construction

The curriculum is not what solely makes a course successful. There are multiple other factors that contribute towards making a program successful in having a positive impact on the learner, along with making them job-ready. The excellent support team at Jigsaw Academy who are there to support you from “enrollment until placement” makes for a wonderful course journey. Emphasizing the same, Dhiral Bhargava, Proprietor at Vikramaditya Engineering and Construction says “The program’s curriculum is excellent and the course is very structured. They care for the participants and try their level best to help the students to learn. The best part of Jigsaw, I feel, is that they always have a listening ear. Every issue will be considered and will be resolved.” 
Having a meaningful and productive impact on people who collaborate for upskilling purposes is never an easy task. The 10-month online Integrated Program in Business Analysis (IPBA), in collaboration with IIM Indore, does more than just teaching a set of new tools. It provides the necessary guidance, direction and support that is required to be a successful Business Analyst. Intrigued to know more about the program? Click here to know in detail about our Integrated Program In Business Analytics.

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