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Aditi Premjit

From Nick Cladwell, who is responsible for all consumer-facing products on Twitter to Susan Wojcicki, CEO of Youtube, many people have used Product Management as an expressway to their success. 

So you must be wondering how something that sounds so simple is the backbone of any company? Well, Product Managers are a crucial part of the product development lifecycle. They are actively involved from ideation, incubation to even launching the final product and its marketing strategies, to ensure it only delivers optimal results. 

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a Product Manager domicile in a metropolitan city in India is INR 16,43,000. The high demand for Product Management professionals in all sectors of industries combined, with a handsome pay scale, are the primary reasons behind many professionals opting to upskilling in this capital-intensive field.

Here is what one of our proficient alumni, Deepak Saroj Kumar, a Resident Doctor at Fortis Malar Hospital had to say about IIM Indore and Jigsaw Academy’s Postgraduate program in Product Management.

What made you choose the Product Management domain for upskilling?

If the cell and its components are the smallest units of life, I think Product Management and its components are the smallest units of institutional change and new-age entrepreneurship. Over the years, my varied experiences, largely as a strategist, across various domains, sparked an interest to learn the language and sharpen the skills related to Product Management through an academic exercise.

What was your experience like with IIM-I and Jigsaw’s Product Management course?

The beauty of this course lies in its open-mindedness and its collective open-ended design. This course engages the educational philosophy that drives blended learning to such an extent that, with its intensity and content, it’s arguably difficult not to develop a problem-focussed, customer-centric attitude to creating new solutions or improving on products. It’s been said, to effectively learn and apply, you need to have an open and inquisitive mind. The single main highlight of my experience thus far has been that this course has freshened up my perspectives and incited my curiosity.

How relevant is our Postgraduate Certificate Program In Product Management, keeping in mind the current trends in the industry?

Of course, this course itself is made relevant by the rapid growth of the domain of Product Management over the past few years. Given that it is largely difficult to stitch relevance to current changing trends in academic designs of any course, this specific program manages to do it through a few of its core strengths – the faculty and their up-to-date knowledge about market trends. The opportunity to share knowledge, interact, and continuously learn are plenty throughout this program and makes it easy to apply the skills gained.

“The 5i Framework aligns so beautifully with many of the other concepts involved in Product Management. And because this course positions itself to be based exclusively on this framework, the understanding and applications of all its components ought to be seamless, even if your experience with Product Management is different. The content, learning material, and LMS are quite good and add a lot of value, especially the pre-read material.”

Deepak Saroj Kumar (Resident Doctor – Department of Nephrology and Renal Transplantation at Fortis Malar Hospital)

How would you describe your experience with the online live classes by IIM-I faculty and Industry Experts?

Although the live classes have been difficult for me to manage because of my profession as a doctor in this ongoing pandemic, the recorded format of the classes has been suiting me well. But nevertheless, all of the classes I have attended are interactive and no single class has been a didactic exercise, making sure that all parts of the topic are understood by everyone. I have not seen a single question that has been asked go unanswered during the live classes. Even if time doesn’t allow for all the questions to be asked, they are answered offline by the respective faculty. What more does a student need?

Another such learner who chose to upskill with Jigsaw Academy is Vedanshi S, the Chief Consultant at Pelvicure. Here is what she had to say about our course in a heartfelt conversation with us.

What made you opt for Product Management and how was your upskilling experience?

I am from a clinical background with no formal specialization in management. I have serious thoughts over starting my own venture hence I believe some management knowledge would always be more productive. My experience so far with the course is pretty good. The 5i framework is very effective in learning the objectives of the program. Right from the beginning, you get an idea of how your product/venture is going to shape up and make you adept at making the right choices.

Did you find the curriculum and faculty of the Postgraduate Certificate Program In Product Management helpful? And how was your experience with Bring Your Own Product (BYOP)?

“The faculty is amazing. Both IIM-I faculty and the Industry Experts. Theoretical, as well as practical expertise shared by each faculty, is something that we feel fairly privileged for.”

Vedanshi S (Chief consultant at DevinaPelvicure)

Formal guidance of management is what I feel I lacked in my experience, and I strongly feel that I’ve made the right choice. It’s like doing a mini MBA. It is excellent. I’ve gotten so many valuable inputs on my product idea through BYOP which would definitely be a plus once I plan to launch it in the market as an independent venture.

How relevant is our Postgraduate Certificate Program In Product Management, keeping in mind the current trends in the industry?

It sure is very relevant! The 5i framework is an excellent approach to process your product/project/venture right from ideation to implementing the theory into practice.

Companies have gradually started to acknowledge the importance of Product Management in every field and industry. From product marketing campaigns to achieving customer satisfaction, the Product Manager is responsible for the way a product is perceived in the market.

Being India’s first-ever program with a comprehensive approach to Product Development, our joint certification course for Product Management by IIM Indore and Jigsaw Academy is a top pick for many seeking to upskill like Deepak and Vedanshi. This program is quite unique for being the only course available that conforms to the 5i framework. Another exquisite feature of the course is the BYOP (Bring Your Own Product), where learners will gain realistic and holistic exposure to the professional life and responsibilities of a Product Leader. Apart from the joint certification, the 5i framework, BYOP feature, and comprehensive curriculum, you also earn the executive IIM alumni status post successful completion of the program.

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