Here is How Choosing IIM Indore’s Product Management Course Can Uplift Your Career!

Aditi Premjit

Predominantly known as one of the hottest career paths available today, ‘Product Management’ as a domain has become of utmost importance and value, to deliver success in any organization. From the biggest Multinational Corporations to the smaller startups and enterprises, they are all still in their incubation period when it comes to this domain and it has become crucial for all businesses, irrespective of their size, to have the necessary skills and knowledge about Product Management and have Product Leaders forefronting the company’s product development journey.

What better way to understand more about this Product Management Course than from the learners themselves?

Reflecting on his journey with Jigsaw Academy, one of the learners, Prakash Janardhan, spoke about how the live classes by IIM Indore, interspersed with lecture notes from industry experts gave the students a strong dual perspective of both the theory and practice of Product Management. He was happy to see how the classes were interactive and that all faculty members made a serious effort to spend adequate time to clarify doubts on the spot. We had a heart-to-heart conversation with him about his learning experience with our program and this is what he had to say about us.

What made you choose the Product Management domain for upskilling?

There are several people like me in the pharmaceutical industry with qualifications in Pharmacy, Masters in Business Administration coupled with practical experience in Product Management. What has been missing all along was a short course in Product Management suitable for a working executive. It was necessary to cement my practical experience. I consider this course as a kind of super specialization.

How was your experience with the Bring Your Own Product (BYOP)?

I consider the ‘Bring Your Own Product’ as the most stimulating experience of understanding the complete life cycle of a product.  As the imaginary product is constructed from our own thought process, it is easy to apply the principles of Product Management and quickly grasp the concepts.

, Here is How Choosing IIM Indore’s Product Management Course Can Uplift Your Career!

Please share the highlights of your upskilling experience.

“The journey has been an enriching experience. The best part of this upskilling experience is to learn from IIM-I faculty as well as subject matter experts from the respective field and their guidance on, the ‘what is’ and ‘how to’ of Product Management. “

Prakash Janardhan (Product Management Enthusiast)

On a wrap-up, he is of the strong opinion that this integrated course is better than a traditional MBA as it not only provides a razor-sharp focus on Product Management but also a high-end teaching experience through IIM Indore and other Product Management industry experts. The highlight being the pace of the program which is ideally suited and matches the pace of a busy executive.

And that was not the end of it. 

Another learner of ours, K. Senthilkumar expressed his views on why he felt it was essential for him to apply for this course. Talking about the constantly evolving technology and job functions, he believed it was highly necessary for him to invest in himself in order to stand out. And hence, he decided to opt for Jigsaw Academy’s Postgraduate Certificate Program in Product Management as it was not only affordable and flexible for him but also an opportunity to interact with like-minded people. Here are a few excerpts from our engaging discussion with K. Senthilkumar.

How relevant is our Postgraduate Certificate Program in Product Management, keeping in mind the current trends in the industry?

Many of the online postgraduate programs in Product Management tend to be more theoretical in nature, without many interactive sessions and not in sync with current industry trends. The most exciting part is the collaboration between IIM Indore and Jigsaw Academy to bring out a program in Product Management that will cover pedagogical methods in the context of selecting the content of the course, 5i Framework-based curriculum, BYOP concept, Interactive case studies sessions, concept development presentations, tech talks by industry experts and other practically needed competencies for a successful Product Manager.

, Here is How Choosing IIM Indore’s Product Management Course Can Uplift Your Career!

How would you describe your experience with the online live classes by IIM-I faculty and Industry Experts?

“This program is well designed for working professionals like me who can attend the live interactive session during the weekends without impacting my current Job & personal life. Furthermore, I have learned just as much from online live classes as I would have in a traditional class.”

K. Senthilkumar (Hardware Architect – e-Powertrain for Electric Vehicle EVs)

How was your experience with the Bring Your Own Product (BYOP)?

The Postgraduate Certificate Program in Product Management curriculum based on both the 5i Framework and ‘Bring Your Own Product’ concepts provided me with real-life exposure to understand the complete product life cycle development. This approach guided me to understand the key business concepts such as Target Market and Positioning, learn about competition, Value Proposition, Product-Market fit etc. The course also ensured that I got all the necessary guidance to apply the learned concepts, frameworks, tools etc. to the target product.

Ending on a high note, Senthilkumar with sheer excitement describes his experience with the course as a starkly different one from the other online courses. He reflects that this was because the program wasn’t purely theoretical and provided knowledge with end-to-end interactive sessions. Being an undergraduate professional in engineering, with minimal knowledge of business fundamentals, he found the sessions highly informative. He claims that it helped him delve deeper into the business aspects of Product Management without the need for an MBA degree.

This 6 months long Postgraduate Certificate Program in Product Management provides learners with a well-structured course that is outlined across 9 modules. From Product Engineering Fundamentals to Product Validation, it has a crisp and concise curriculum covering all the stages of product life cycle management. Apart from all the possible benefits, this Postgraduate Certificate Program in Product Management provides one with an executive IIM Indore alumni status.

So if the question as to why one should opt for the Product Management program provided by Jigsaw Academy in collaboration with IIM Indore is still lingering in your mind, then you must know that this course is India’s first-ever program with a comprehensive approach to Product Development. Utilizing the 5i Framework as well as the BYOP (Bring Your Own Product) feature, this course supports the growth of all aspects of a product life cycle to enhance the training process of every learner. Click here to know in detail about the course.

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