Here Is The Most Fun Way Of Obtaining The Illustrious IIM Indore Alumni Status: Integrated Program In Business Analytics

Every layer of business operations today uses the power of metrics and analytics to enhance their market growth and business success. With the fourth industrial revolution increasing the dependency on emerging technologies like Data Science, Cloud Computing, IoT, Business Analytics, etc., the need to master the nuances of the same is relatively high. The bright side to the advent of these technologies is how they managed to blow the market-wide open to accommodate enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds and allowed them to charter a successful career of their choice. However, the only hiccup in the otherwise utopian opportunities is the pressing skill gap that exists due to the severe lack of traditional education in these domains.

The greatest testament to a learning journey is when at the end of it, the learners have acquired new skills and feel empowered, enabled, and educated enough to deep dive and take on the innumerable opportunities available. Well, proud to say that is one area we have got covered! That’s right, with an incredible vision to help aspiring learners master the nuances of emerging technologies, UNext is the perfect upskilling platform. Our program has got everything with world-class faculty, robust pedagogy, hands-on learning experiences, and industry connect.  

, Here Is The Most Fun Way Of Obtaining The Illustrious IIM Indore Alumni Status: Integrated Program In Business Analytics
Bhagyashree Ghosh Business Analyst, Nvest Solution


Pointing out the same, our learner Bhagyashree Ghosh believes that UNext-led courses are meant to change your life. She talks about her career transformation and how UNext played a significant pivotal role in the same. To quote her own words, “I have successfully shifted my career to Data Science from being a glamorous English teacher with Unacademy. This major career transformation was only possible because of UNext’s IPBA  in collaboration with IIM Indore. Academically I am a Commerce person, and my career was in English, with no prior experience handling codes and software. In the IPBA Course, we were handholded from the beginning by our mentors, who were from both UNext and IIM Indore. Doubts were solved in real-time, and job avenues are endless. UNext has robust placement support. I am personally a member of the Placement Committee of my batch, and I know how robust the efforts are. Many of our batchmates are placed, and we are still working to bring newer opportunities. After-course-completion services constitute a significant part of this well-rounded program. I thank UNext from my heart for helping me upskill and boldly switch my career.”

Kartik Jain Quality Assurance Manager ZignEx


Explaining why he would rate the entire learning experience a 10/10, another of our learners, Kartik Jain, elaborates how UNext provides top-notch education and support. He says, “The support that UNext provided throughout the course, whether you talk about extra classes for the topics that were not clear to people or any other related to access/study material, onboarding, etc., has been awesome. The faculties were good and were very supportive as well.” Further, he says that he would recommend it to any aspirant looking forward to mastering the nuances of the latest cutting-edge technologies with world-renowned faculty.

Vineeth Amaradhi Analytics Specialist Senior Assistant Deloitte


When discussing the program’s highlights, Vineeth Amaradhi, who currently works as Analytics Specialist Senior Assistant at Deloitte, has absolutely no confusion in mind. He straight up says without any hesitation,” The program has a well-designed robust curriculum with the best faculty hands-on involved in imparting knowledge.” That’s right, like every other learner, he feels there is no second to the IIM Indore’s Integrated Program in Business Analytics With UNext curriculum. 

Purva Budholia Senior Research Analyst CRISIL Global Research & Risk Solutions


Encouraging aspiring learners not to hesitate and lose out on a wonderful opportunity like IPBA, Purva Budholia (Senior Research Analyst CRISIL Global Research & Risk Solutions) leaves no stones unturned in elaborating on her experience. In her words, “I had a wonderful experience throughout the course. I appreciate IIM Indore and UNext for coming up with such a program. The course is very well structured and conducted throughout. The faculties were always excellent and supportive. I learned a lot in this program and Would recommend aspirants who want to pursue their career in Data Science.”

With over a decade of experience in the field of education for emerging technologies, UNext’s Integrated Program in Business Analytics is designed to offer its learner’s the best learning experience. Spread over a period of 10-month and being the only program that conforms to the 5D framework, the program is perfect for aspiring Business Analyst professionals. Also, the learner can not only avail the prestigious IIM Indore certification but also get the opportunity to become a part of the illustrious IIM Alumni network.

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