Here Is What Happens Post Completion Of Our IIM Certified Integrated Program in Business Analytics!

With data increasingly becoming an irreplaceable part of businesses growth; organizations and industries have actively embraced the use of Business Analytics to propel their growth to newer heights. However,  utilizing data and implementing analytics crucial to making informed, intelligent, and effective business decisions is no easy task.

With over a decade of experience in identifying, analyzing, and creating relevant programs in emerging technologies, Jigsaw has been a pioneer in imparting knowledge in the domain of Business Analytics. Our 10-month online Integrated Program in Business Analytics in collaboration with IIM Indore provides the coveted IIM Indore certification and the prestigious Executive Alumni status. Also, this exhaustive program with a robust curriculum is the perfect upskilling partner providing a hands-on learning experience with its BYOP(Bring Your Own Project) feature.

Having had several batches of learners going on to achieve immense success with our program, we decided to sit down with one of them to understand in detail their complete experience with our program. Here is what one of our learners, Harsh Thakkar (NatWest Group, Associate Vice President), had to say about his fulfilling experience with us.

How Did Our Curriculum & Pedagogy Help You Implement The Latest Tools And Technologies?

The course was exceptionally well structured. I knew what I would learn every week/month starting from day one. The faculty and instructors were excellent. Regular assignments, 2 mini-projects, and a BYOP (Bring Your Own Project – duration 3-4 months) helped us understand the theoretical aspect of the things taught to us and gave us practical experience while working on the projects. This course will enable you to work on different tools and technologies required in Business Analytics. It will also give you the right level of knowledge that would allow you to understand use cases challenges and work on them as and when they come your way. This course undoubtedly helped me build an excellent foundation for my understanding of Business Analytics.

How Are You Applying Your New Learnings In Your Current Work Profile?

As I come from a Data and Analytics background, the new learnings that I have mastered as a part of this course are helping me to expand my horizon and think beyond what I have been doing for the last couple of years. I am currently working in the field of Digital and Marketing Analytics. The Business Analytics learnings and mindset that I have gained from the course are helping me to dig deeper to understand customer experiences and think about ways by which it would be possible to build Machine Learning algorithms and make predictions using data.  

, Here Is What Happens Post Completion Of Our IIM Certified Integrated Program in Business Analytics!

Harsh Thakkar
NatWest Group
Associate Vice President

How Would You Relate Between What You Know And What The Market Needs From You As An Analytics Expert?

I believe data plays a vital role for any business today ( be it offline or online ). I have observed that many companies need an Analytics Expert who can not only help them to track customer data but also helps them to analyze the data, understand customer behavior, provide insights, help them know what kind of trend might be visible in the future and how business can improve it. This course has helped me build a foundation that would enable me to perform all the activities listed above.  

What Was The Personal Impact Of Interacting And Being Mentored By The Industry’s Best Business Analysts?

It was a great experience to interact and be mentored by Business Analysts who have been working in this field for quite a long time. The kind of practical expertise they brought to the table was immeasurable. Although this course was all about measuring data, I honestly couldn’t measure the expertise of mentors who were mentoring us for the last part of the course, which was to Bring Your Own Project. The mentors supported us in overcoming different challenges we would face and made us think from multiple perspectives to build a better solution for the projects we were working on. On the whole, it was a great learning experience.

How Would You Say The Program Helped You Have A Community Connect With The People Interested In Business Analytics Like You Do?

Firstly, I was unaware that IIM Indore runs multiple batches every year. This clearly shows the number of people interested in this field and this course. This course allowed me to connect with many people who are either experts like my mentors, instructors, and Alumni or who are pursuing such studies as my batchmates. 

Are You Finding It Easier Now To Leverage The Latest Tools For Implementing The Best Industry Practices After Completing Our Program?

The course was a perfect blend of theoretical and practical experience. When a person works hands-on, the chances are that they will come across new challenges, and the more they try to resolve them, the more they will learn. So as I said previously, the foundation is good, and I know now what different types of tools are and how to use them. This course has given me the perfect kick start in Business Analytics. 

The Integrated Program In Business Analytics aids its learners to develop core competencies in advanced topics like Python, Statistical Modeling, Machine Learning, Text Analytics, Big Data, Data Visualization, with expert faculty from IIM Indore & Jigsaw. One of the unique learning experiences offered by the program is the guest lectures by highly experienced industry experts & alumni via ‘Alumni Connect.’ 

Spread over 10-months, the program aims to help mold competent data-savvy professionals of tomorrow with enhanced decision-making skills.

Here is the perfect chance to learn the nuances of Business Analytics with industry experts and a ‘hands-on’ learning process!

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