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Aditi Premjit

Every product we use today, be it our branded watch or the utensils we cook in, has a lot of work that goes behind it. From product development to customer service, every single process that comes under the product life cycle requires extra effort and detailed work to make it a success in today’s market. This in itself is enough for you to realize the vast scope and demand this domain holds globally. 

Extensive digitalization has led to alarming skill gaps. This is one of the main reasons for the wide job loss that occurs in most industries. But with the world being driven by products, the management behind it will always remain an important role regardless of the time and evolution of the market. This makes Product Management a very strong job position for anyone that is on the lookout for a stable and capitalizing job opportunity.

Be it, someone who is keen on starting their own business or a professional who wants to shift their domains into product development, this field is a highly lucrative option for absolutely anyone who wants to pursue the same. One of the best approaches to becoming a product leader is by pursuing a certified course. Contrary to traditional education, a certified course not only gives you theoretical knowledge regarding what runs a product but also gives you industrial exposure and practical experience to become an adept Product Manager. UNext’s Postgraduate Certificate Program in Product Management is exceptional at providing just that. One of our learners who opted for this course to become a Product Manager with no prior experience is Phalguni Telidevara. Let us read more about the journey of how this Specialist Developer went on to become a certified Product Manager.

What made you choose the Product Management domain for upskilling?

I am a developer and I love the technical challenges of engineering but despite coding, I like to solve problems and I love to be part of strategic decisions in my teams. I wanted to learn and own the product at times(which is otherwise for a developer). I love to jump in where the problem is to leverage the in-depth knowledge of the product, the market, and the customer, and understand all the boats in which our company is sailing. To add, technology is always my passion and I would love to continue in this domain.

Please share the highlights of your upskilling experience.

Phalguni Telidevara,
Specialist, Applications- Treasury & Markets(Product Management) at DBS Banks

“The best part of this course was the practical exposure I received. This really helped me become a product owner in practice even before I got the title and it even helped me crack some interviews.”

My passion was to be a Product Manager and Product Specialist from a developer. After I landed this Postgraduate Certificate Program in Product Management, the last four months were a very joyful learning experience. My mindset has been polished and improvised a lot by understanding the product, the vision, and the customer. Now, I also tend to apply whatever I have learned in my daily life. BYOP helped me become a product manager, take accountability, and gave me confidence all while I got to experience the ultimate Product Management journey.

How relevant is our Postgraduate Certificate Program In Product Management, keeping in mind the current trends in the industry?

This program gave me knowledge, vision, and confidence to crack jobs and I started getting calls for job offers now. I would surely say it is helping me a lot!

How would you describe your experience with the online live classes by IIM-I faculty and Industry Experts?

“The content (recording classes)helped me to go through the classes when I was sick with Covid. The interaction we got to have in class, the peers, and with the faculty resulted in a very joyful journey. Nowadays, I await weekends not to go out but to attend my classes.”

I have learned about user research, product design, market trends, and everything that is needed to become a certified Product Manager. I would say they sculpted us into “real-world Product Managers”. Faculty teaching is on a real example basis, the case studies they provide us are very helpful and the transition into a product manager mindset under the guidance of our mentors is magic. All in all, the mentorship takes my thought process to the next level.

How was your experience with the Bring Your Own Product (BYOP)

I would say that the soul of the whole Product Management course is BYOP. I have learned everything practical while working on my BYOP. The level of detail, and the knowledge we gain as we do it is incredible.

Prior experience is not a compulsory prerequisite to be able to pursue a successful career in Product Management. Let us hear what another one of our learners, Santosh P, a promising Product Manager had to say about his experience with the course outline.

Santosh P

“The Product Management program by IIM Indore helped me understand the nuances of Product Management. It also gave me the confidence to become a product professional. The 5i framework along with BYOP takes you through different stages of product management. With the guidance of the professor and mentors, I was able to successfully learn how to face challenges in each stage. This program has definitely given me the edge over others to stand out in the crowd.”

Like Phalguni and Santosh, many professionals who have come to realize the plethora of job opportunities that Product Management has to offer have chosen UNext as their upskilling partner. Regardless of your job status and education, doing a certified course in Product Management will undoubtedly accelerate your career and stabilize it for now as well as for the future. Not only does this place you in one of the world’s most profitable domains but it also gives you the opportunity to establish yourself as a valuable asset for any company. IIM Indore and UNext’s Postgraduate Certificate Program in Product Management is a lifetime opportunity for professionals seeking an immediate job shift or upgrade. This 6-month course delivered by IIM Indore and UNext faculty is the only program in India that conforms to the 5i framework. What is the best part of the course you wonder? You become an IIM Indore alumni!

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