How Choosing IIM Indore’s Business Analytics Program can boost your Career

Curiosity, perseverance, and constant upscaling of skills are the three secret ingredients for a successful and fulfilling career. Every one of us spends a major chunk of our day during our productive years working. If the job we do or the role we fulfill does not get us excited, they tend to become lazy or lose interest in day-to-day work-related activities. 

Figuring out choices, courses and making decisions is one part of the journey. Going ahead with the decision takes a whole new level of courage. All the more important is that the decision has the desired impact on your life.

“I was looking for some kind of course wherein I could find the promise to change my life and career path. As working in the same profile for the last 13 years was making me feel stagnant”.

Archana Kumari

IIM Indore’s 10-month online Integrated Program in Business Analytics is one of those life-altering courses that will help you in boosting your career and also aid you in performing according to industry standards. After successful completion of the course, Archana Kumari was all smiles “This course from IIM was one such course that really seemed promising to me – as it was a perfect blend of what I would love to do as a job and life-changing too. But the path was not easy as I’m not from a coding background. But the IIM Indore and Jigsaw Academy trained and learned faculties were able to help me cross all the hurdles and I was able to gain knowledge and feel much more confident”. To read the complete post, click here!

The need to change one’s career path is not always the only reason. People are always looking out to improve their skills. Talking elaborately and extremely satisfied about the program, another learner Sandipan Dey says “I have gone through many courses from other institutions also, but one of the main reasons behind selecting this Integrated program is only because of the support which I get which is unparalleled. Be it lab-wise or faculty-wise. With Jigsaw comes IIM Indore which is among the IVY league institutions in our country. There are several analytics certifications available in the market from various IITs and IIMs. But why I chose this only because of the fact that support will be unparalleled from other courses.” to know completely what Sandipan had to say click here.

Divulging in-depth about the course and the topics, here is what one of our other learners Vishnu Chakkilala had to say “The course consists of an exhaustive list of Topics and detailed live classes from industry experts on various data exploration and model building techniques. Our batch had an In-person component where we participated in classes and workshops at IIM Indore. Statistics, SQL, Time Series, Regression, Python Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Text mining techniques, Big Data Analytics, Access to student learner version of Tableau is also given. All the course classes will be recorded and will be available in the learning center for a total of 20 months even when the course is for 10 months.”

The course is comprehensive, educative and absolutely life-altering. The experience of being guided and advocated by the best minds in the industry can do wonders for a person’s confidence and career choices.

Vishnu Chakkilala says “ In a nutshell, people who are interested in learning a comprehensive approach to solving real-time problems and providing data analysis-backed recommendations, it’s a great opportunity from IIM as well as Jigsaw Academy. The whole team from IIM and Jigsaw have helped a lot technically and process-wise to streamline learning and enable the dedicated Online LAB to practice the learning.” Vishnu has explained in detail here, why he chose this program.

The Placement Assistance feature that comes as a part of IIM Indore’s & Jigsaw Academy’s Integrated Program in Business Analytics makes it the absolute favorite of all the learners. The added bonus is the alumni status that comes along with completing this Future Leaders Program. These exclusive features allow you to be groomed well with excellent mentorship, allowing you to explore umpteen opportunities. Click here to know in detail about our program to put your career on a fastrack process.

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